A whole foods challenge and homemade tea

Herbal Tea BlendNo sooner than our 21 Day Green Smoothie Challenge comes to an end, here we go again: we’re taking another food challenge! This time it hails straight out of the beautiful mind of Wellness WA creator and editor Annette – and it’s so healthful we really should be eating like this all year round!

Annette’s challenge is easy to take: this current week is all about Whole Foods – this means no pre-prepared meals, no junk, plentiful fresh food. If possible, no coffee – go herbal tea instead! Are you in?

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To the finishing line! The last two days of the 21 Day Green Smoothie Challenge…

Cartoon frog crossing finish lineIf you’ve been with us since January 13th and drinking one green smoothie each day, you may be running out of ideas by now… Last week we compiled everyone’s recipes to date so we could all get inspired and marvel at some of the participants’ creativity and boldness (the boldness was mostly Jade throwing in cabbage).

This week we’ve got something else for you: a tasty list of extra bits and pieces to throw into your smoothies to change them around and make them special. Sometimes slight tinkering can make a big difference in taste! Read on…

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Green smoothie recipes ahoy!

Kale leavesWarning: this post will be recipe-heavy!

We’re in Day 7 of the 21 Day Green Smoothie Challenge, and by gosh everyone is doing so amazingly well… Some of you are even going for 2 smoothies a day – in another 14 days we forecast sparkly eyes, glowing skin and bouncy energy aplenty.

Because you are all fantastic you’ve been sharing pictures and recipes for your green concoctions – especially helpful since to get maximum benefit out of the green drinks, we should be rotating our ingredients and greens daily. So behold a compendium of everyone’s recipes thus far, and a few other bonus links for inspiration!

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The 21 Day Green Smoothie challenge: ready, set, go!

Glass of green smoothieSince we started to drink green smoothies last year, we’ve never looked back. And if you drink them too you know what we mean: plentiful energy! Beautiful skin! And overall feeling GOOD. Really good.

We tend to average two to three of the green drinks per week these days – because we’re short on time, and they’re a little time consuming and require some planning and prep. But it’s January, we’re full of optimism and what better way to start the year than with a massive 21 day green-smoothie drinking extravaganza? The fun! Who’s in?

And did we mention there will be some prizes at the end of the 21 days? Because when you do something awesome for yourself, your health and your wellbeing, we believe you should be rewarded…

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Wellbeing Weekly Challenge: dry brushing benefits ahoy!

Dry skin brushBefore the week is out, we thought we’d write an update on our Wellbeing Wednesday Challenge. So just in case you were holding your breath and wondering if we did manage to eat Chia Seeds every day for one week – you probably weren’t, but we’ll tell you anyway – we did it!

Giddy with the taste of success (we’ve already mentioned chia seeds don’t really taste like anything), we thought we’d tackle something a little trickier. Something we know we should do but never get around to doing – or do once every two weeks for 30 seconds at a time when we ought to be doing it every morning for at least 5 minutes – that’s right, we’re looking at you dry body brush.

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Wellbeing Wednesday Challenge: how to eat chia seeds

Potato omelette with chia seedsLunch at the Echolife canteen: we’re keeping to our Chia Seeds challenge!

Our favourite way to eat the seeds so far has been to sprinkle them on whatever we’re eating: salads, omelettes, roasted veggies, yoghurt, …

We’ve thrown them into the blender with our greens on our green smoothie days, and added a pinch to our morning oats as well. They don’t really taste like anything so they lend themselves to sweet or savoury really well.

We haven’t soaked them to turn them into chia jelly – sprinkling is much easier and less… gelatinous.

One more day to go – we’re going to make it!

Chia seeds: our new Wellbeing Wednesday Challenge

Jar of Black and White Chia SeedsWhen we packed up and moved office last month, we found this little jar tucked away at the back of a cupboard in the Echolife kitchen. It had not seen the light (as in, been taken out of the cupboard) or been used for a good year, if not two. Why the neglect?

Although chia seeds have a bit of a reputation as one of the health foods you’re supposed to be eating, we just didn’t think about eating them. In fact, didn’t know how to eat them apart from soaking them in water and watching them slowly acquire a gelatinous consistency – while we slowly acquired more and more reservations about eating that jelly with seeds floating in it.

Since our recent foray into green smoothies (which we also had reservations about) was such a success, we decided yesterday it was Chia’s turn to get demystified and re-enter our eating radar. So our Wellbeing Challenge for this week is to eat chia seeds – every day.

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The Wellbeing Wednesday Challenge: update on our green smoothie consumption

Green Spinach Smoothie with Spinach LeafIt turns out our initial reservation (fear) when it came to green smoothies was unfounded and uncalled for. Not only have we kept our word and met our Wellbeing Wednesday Challenge goal of drinking three in a week, we’ve actually gone above and beyond and our total tally comes in at… five!

Along the way during the week we’ve also ticked the Group Challenge of eating three fresh salads. This abundance of green veggies and fresh, raw food is doing us a world of good – so if you need any convincing to become a green smoothie drinker, read on to see what you can look forward to. And we’ve included a few recipes as well to get you started.

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The Green Smoothie Wellbeing Wednesday Challenge

Green Smoothie with Celery Stick and Radish SliceLast week over at the Belle Lumière, Jessica declared open a weekly ‘Wellbeing Wednesday Challenge‘. Which got us thinking: we’re very interested in improving our health the all natural way, so how could we partake in this wellbeing feast?

First we needed a health and wellness related goal – then, we should be posting it for the world to see… Feelings of accountability and responsibility will ensue, and we will hold up to our goal and ultimately succeed. At least that’s the plan.

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