New Weleda body lotions: give the gift of natural skin care!

Weleda Organic Body Lotions Mini Gift PackWeleda has been hard at work caring for your skin for over 90 years – and their latest endeavour is as promising as ever: four body lotions with nurturing natural ingredients and tantalising scents: Wild Rose, Sea Buckthorn, Citrus and Pomegranate. And you have a chance to win some!

The new formulas are an improvement on the previous line all around: focusing on delivering more benefits to the skin with more stable ingredients, they also do not contain any animal products and are suitable for vegans. With names like Pampering, Hydrating, Regenerating and Replenishing, who wouldn’t want to give one (or all!) a go?

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Fight dry skin and keep your hands soft in the cooler weather

Red GlovesNow that autumn is settling in, you’ll need to pay closer attention to your extremities aka the poor dehydrated skin that’s exposed to the wind, the cold, and other unpleasant elements. Take your hands for example – how do they feel right now? If you’ve answered ‘sandpaper’ instead of ‘smooth and comfortable’, you’ve got some moisturising to do!

We’ve put together a quick selection of our favourite natural hand creams to keep your paws and the tip of your nose soft and smooth through the colder weather. Read on if your hands are in need of some rescue!

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Our picks of sulfate-free body wash for happy, healthy skin

Melrose Castile SoapOur skin is a delicate beast and needs to maintain a slightly acidic balance to thrive and keep its healthy glow. So when we use the wrong products on our skin (and by wrong we mean products containing harsh chemical additives, preservatives like parabens, surfactants like SLS), our skin becomes unbalanced. Repeated sustained daily use can lead to irritation or even premature ageing, as our skin has to work double-time to right its own pH again.

Lucky for you, we’ve got a nice selection of sulfate-free body washes and soaps that wash the skin very gently without any offending ingredients. Read on to find out what our top picks are!

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Natural baby care: Anissa’s top five products to use on bubs

Weleda Baby Care Starter PackWe’re very lucky and thrilled that busy mama Anissa from Beautifully Glossy agreed to make an appearance on the Echolife blog!

Today she’s sharing her top five products to use on bubs. If you have one or more littlies in your nest, don’t forget to head over to Beautifully Glossy (after you’ve finished reading!) to enter the Weleda Baby Products Giveaway Anissa is hosting until March 26th. Read on to find out what made Anissa’s list!

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Product review: Weleda Almond Soothing Facial Masque

Two almonds in a heart shapeRemember our love for sweet almond oil? How we called it your best friend and tried to match-make it with your sensitive and irritated skin? Well, here we go again.

This time of year sweet almond is especially helpful – seasons are changing and your skin may or may not be too impressed by spring’s arrival. Cue Weleda Almond Soothing Facial Masque – and we are very lucky that Jessica agreed to try it and share her thoughts below.

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Softening fine lines naturally

Rosehip Flower (Rosa Mosqueta)When it comes to preserving our skin’s vitality and youthfulness, we don’t believe in harsh or drastic measures. To keep skin soft and fine lines at bay we should be treating our skin very gently and not over-react and try to strip it to oblivion with chemical peels. A nourishing and consistent skin care routine using quality natural ingredients is key – and if you get a head-start and treat your skin well from your early twenties, soft and plump skin should be yours to enjoy for decades to come.

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