Derma E liquid vitamin E – perfect to help your skin fight the cold weather!

Derma E Vitamin E Skin Oil 14000 IU 60mLLiquid vitamin E (also referred to as vitamin E oil) has finally been added to the Echolife natural beauty catalogue – and it’s not just any vitamin E, it’s the good stuff: sky-high I.U. and produced by an award-winning sustainable manufacturer with pedantic quality control.

If by now you’re not excited, maybe it’s because you’re not entirely sure why vitamin E is so good for the skin (yes, why?). Let’s remind ourselves.

Vitamin E is naturally present in the skin and helps keep its protective barrier healthy. In a perfect world, your plump, dewy skin complete with healthy natural barrier would never lose its moisture and become dehydrated. Enter reality and the daily stresses your skin has to face: eliminating toxins, fighting the numerous chemicals it is exposed to (environmental or topical), uv rays, not enough beauty sleep or water,… It’s hard work staying plump under these conditions!

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Win win: current Echolife giveaways

Jar of Echolife Hydrated Green Clay (Calcium Bentonite)Remember to head over to Wellness WA to enter the draw to win one of five jars of our hydrated – super all natural cleanser and detoxifying facial masque – clay! Entries close tomorrow, July 21st.

Bottle of Weleda Almond Soothing Facial OilAnd over at the Belle Lumière you can win a bottle of Weleda Almond Soothing Facial Oil: perfect to apply on freshly cleansed skin for a boost of natural moisturising and beneficial nutrients. Entries on this one close on July 23rd.

Thank you to Annette and Jessica for hosting the giveaways, and good luck!