Beauty tips: a quick catch-up with Stacey from Add to Cart

Add to Cart Blog BannerAdd to Cart blogger extraordinaire Stacey has a busy enough life as it is – and yet she recently agreed to guinea-pig non-toxic nail products from Couleur Caramel and is currently hosting a giveaway sponsored by Echolife. She’s lovely like that. But wait, there’s more! We sent her a few questions about her summer routine and what products she’s been looking forward to – read on to find out what’s on Stacey’s radar. You know it will be good!

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Beauty tips: a quick catch-up with Jessica from the Belle Lumière

The Belle Lumière Blog BannerWhen it comes to our daily blog reading list Jessica is right there, up top. Reading The Belle Lumière is like having a conversation with a sassy and knowledgeable friend who steers you towards the right products for your hair or skin, and recommends unforgettable books to read along the way.

As we’re bracing ourselves for the hot season and wondering how we will survive, Jessica kindly agreed to answer a few questions – lucky us!

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