New in store: the MegaMix Power Blender

Megamix Power BlenderA very fitting alternate title might have been ‘High performance meets precision and delicious results ensue’ – since it arrived a few short weeks ago, the latest addition to the Echolife kitchen has been buzzing daily delivering perfect smoothies to hungry staff mid-afternoon. And smoothies are only the tip of the delicious iceberg: if you’re on the market for an all-around easy-to-use kitchen helper that can do your food prep as well as whip up all sorts of wholesome concoctions effortlessly, we recommend you give the MegaMix a look. Not least because until the end of April it’s on sale, at a stupendous $200 off RRP!

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Health and vitality… through juice!

Fruit and vegetable juices are not simply tasty: they are a wonderful way to increase our requisite daily intake (2 servings for fruit, 5 for vegetables).  They contain large amounts of living enzymes, vitamins and minerals, all in an easily digestible form.

These days, our diets can contain a lot of processed foods – maybe helping us save a little time, but also falling short of providing all the nutrients we need to stay in vibrant health.  Juices can help!  Think of them as tasty medicine chests that help us cleanse our bodies.

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