So proud: recent Echolife press

Echolife Macrobiotic Sea Salt Bath CrystalsWe love our Echolife products very much – we’d be quite happy to sing their praises all day, although admittedly it would get repetitive for those of you who’ve come to expect varied natural health, wellness and beauty related content over here.

Indulge us for a minute though – in the last week, our very own products have received some love from our favourite bloggers, so in case you missed it (and because we’re very proud), here’s a quick peek below. Enjoy (we did)!

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Beat the heat with a face mist!

Echolife Tea-tree Facial MistThe number one thing we couldn’t be without in summer has to be a bottle of cool face mist. Now that Melbourne is no longer dithering about what season it is and the heat is back in full force, we’re misting our faces throughout the day to keep our skin hydrated and happy. At home for an extra treat said face mist is even kept in the fridge…

No matter your skin type, you should be misting your face – it’s refreshing for one, and very good for your skin. Think of what it has to endure in the hot months… a confusing yo-yo of alternating air conditioning and sweltering heat! A natural face mist contains one or more plant extracts blended to look after your skin by giving it nutrients and keeping it balanced. So beat the summer heat and pick from our favourite mists below!

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Flower and water = great toner for skin

Echolife Rose Facial Mist Rejuvenating 250mLWe are big believers in the above formula and our brand new Echolife line of face mists proves it. Face mists are one clever skin product – you could even say they are multi-tasking super heroes (with special powers). They don’t just refresh skin, they can rejuvenate and tone it, zap breakout-causing bacteria into oblivion, help ease inflammation… with just three or four sprays of a bottle. And all this magic happens when you combine the simplest of ingredients: plants and pure water.

So… ta-da! The Echolife Pure Botanical Infusions aka Facial Mists that will make your skin say ‘What took you so long?’

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Natural skin remedies for party animals

Party Dog with Balloons and Party HatThis is for all of you who made merry late into the night this weekend celebrating the Grand Final Geelong win and woke up with skin worse for wear the next day.

Actually, all year round party animals who rock hard and need a hand getting your skin’s healthy glow back afterwards – this is for you too.

So behold, from us to you, a compendium of skin care tips that will help you get clear skin back, stat.

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Rose Water: why you need it on your skin

Rosa Centifolia Watercolour by Pierre-Jean RedouteThe name itself sounds beautiful, but it doesn’t compare to the smell of rose water or what it does for your skin. A rose-based facial mist is one of the best all natural toners you can use – it is good for all skin types, and especially stupendous if your skin is sensitive, dry, or irritated. If you are skipping this step in your skin care routine at the moment, it won’t take more than a few applications for you to realise the error of your ways and become hooked.

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