Rose-scented body care

Pretty Pink Rose WallpaperWe are big fans of all things rose – we’ve already written about the benefits of rose water and why it should be a part of your daily routine (if it’s not, take a minute to read the post – we’ll wait here).

Aside from smelling heavenly, rose is considered to have calming properties making it an obvious choice to scent DIY bath products or body scrubs and make a pampering ritual feel that much more special and relaxing.

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Relaxation, meditation

Meditating by the Sea

How do you spend the twenty-four hours in every day?  Do you work for 8, sleep for 8, and try to use the remaining 8 wisely in a relaxed state?

Obviously it’s never that simple or clear-cut.  Most of us sleep less, work more, and in the remaining time run around after children, pets, do shopping, catch up with more work, study etc…

This doesn’t mean our lives aren’t full and enjoyable.  But we need to remember to make some time to slow down (a little), relax (a tiny bit) or tiredness might creep in.

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