Derma E liquid vitamin E – perfect to help your skin fight the cold weather!

Derma E Vitamin E Skin Oil 14000 IU 60mLLiquid vitamin E (also referred to as vitamin E oil) has finally been added to the Echolife natural beauty catalogue – and it’s not just any vitamin E, it’s the good stuff: sky-high I.U. and produced by an award-winning sustainable manufacturer with pedantic quality control.

If by now you’re not excited, maybe it’s because you’re not entirely sure why vitamin E is so good for the skin (yes, why?). Let’s remind ourselves.

Vitamin E is naturally present in the skin and helps keep its protective barrier healthy. In a perfect world, your plump, dewy skin complete with healthy natural barrier would never lose its moisture and become dehydrated. Enter reality and the daily stresses your skin has to face: eliminating toxins, fighting the numerous chemicals it is exposed to (environmental or topical), uv rays, not enough beauty sleep or water,… It’s hard work staying plump under these conditions!

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Wellbeing Wednesday

How to make almond milk at homeIt’s Wednesday! Why the excitement? Because we’ve got another edition of our regular wellbeing picks for you – we’ve mixed it up this week with some face and hair pampering, two delicious and easy recipes, and the hidden superpowers of some foods – revealed! We love this week’s links and we hope you will too.



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Beauty tips: a quick catch-up with Michelle from Eat Paint Sniff Glue

Eco Tools Moisture Cotton GlovesToday we have recent birthday girl Michelle generously answering our ever nosy and plentiful questions about her skin and hair routine. We’re not just delighted to take a closer peek at her habits and favourite products, she made us belly-laugh and deserves a special mention for using the words ‘glad-wrap’ and ‘sensual vision’ in the same sentence.

Read on to find out what Michelle likes and does at the moment, but brace yourselves first – this is a fun-filled post!

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Multi-tasking hero: 10 ideas on how to use aloe vera

Aloe Plant - Köhler Medizinal PflanzenWe like to use single, pure ingredients in our skin care routine: it makes sense to go straight to the source and feed your skin with as many beneficial nutrients as possible, no?

And one of these pure ingredients is none other than organic aloe vera gel. It’s a non-negotiable part of our routine and we couldn’t be without it. It turns out, we’re not the only ones who love aloe: the lovely ladies at ‘No More Dirty Looks‘ feel the same way about it (how great is this quote: ‘[…] every beauty biff under the sun could be ameliorated with a little aloe*.’)

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Skin tantrums

Woman ScreamingWe’ve all been there – our skin can be an unpredictable beast, and just when everything seemed to be going well, bam! It hits us with: the mother of all pimple(s) / a breakout of epic proportion / redness and its cousin splotchy / uneven texture and feel / an oil production in overdrive / dry skin that feels tighter than a tambourine,…

While you’re scratching your head thinking a) What have I done to deserve this? and b) How did this happen?, it’s always helpful to remember that your skin isn’t an island: if you’ve been eating less than well, not getting enough sleep, feeling stressed out, it’s going to show inside and out – and out means on your face and body.

The more products you use as part of your skin care routine, the harder it will be to pinpoint the culprit when things go bad – and it may in fact not be a single product that your skin disagrees with, but a combination of ingredients from different products. Bah! What to do?

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