The Kuvings Silent Juicer: well-deserving of its name

Kuvings Silent Juicer WhiteWe love adding new products to our ever-growing online catalogue of natural health and natural beauty products. And we’re very taken with one of the newest additions to the Echolife website – the Kuvings Silent Juicer – so we thought we’d tell you a bit more about it.

Juicing is one of our favourite ways to get our daily dose of fresh fruit and veg – but goodness knows not all juicers are created equal. This applies to the resulting juice as well: a centrifugal juicer will give you ‘boundary’ juice that oxidises / loses nutrients and changes colour before your very eyes, whilst a cold-press masticating or slow juicer will give you a thicker juice, with plentiful nutrients intact.

The Kuvings is a proud member of the slow juicer family – and is so sturdy it is suitable for commercial use. And that’s only the beginning of what this amazing upright juicer can do.

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Slow and steady: the Hurom Slow Juicer

We’ve tried different juicers from some well-known brands over the years; we’re always somewhat disappointed with the small amount and poor quality of juice that the cheaper juicers are capable of extracting.

A ‘slow’ juicer is designed to minimise the heat and oxygen created during the juicing process, meaning maximum living nutrients are retained and you are getting a juice with more antioxidants, nutrients and vitamins, better flavour and freshness, and much less of the separation that occurs in the juice from conventional, high-speed juicing.

Because this design originates from commercial applications, it’s also capable of getting a lot more yield out of fruits and vegetables than the cheaper juicers most people are familiar with. Continue reading