Get to know the Ionmax Ion70 humidifier!

Ionmax Ion70 Ultrasonic Ionising Cool Mist HumidifierThe Ion70 is the latest release in the Ionmax humidifier range and we’re very happy to be one of a few hand-picked retailers that carry this smart and efficient new model.

The Ion70 combines all the intelligent and convenient features you can expect of an Ionmax humidifier – it is intuitive and easy to use and will help maintain your chosen humidifying rate to ensure the relative humidity of your indoor air stays optimal and comfortable.

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Enjoy your favourite essential oils with SafeFlame aromatherapy diffusers

SafeFlame Genie Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser White BlackAt Echolife HQ we’re on a perpetual mission to expand our catalogue and bring you products you ask for. One such product was an aroma diffuser with a light that can be completely switched off – and we’re happy to say we found just the thing.

We now stock three new ultrasonic aroma diffusers from SafeFlame – they answer to the names Genie, Pyramid and Prim and not only do they preserve your essential oils’ and blends’ aromatherapeutic properties, they also ionise the air around you (how nice!).

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How to improve indoor air quality

Smog and PollutionPollution is no longer just a term for the air outdoors – we’re hearing a lot about ‘indoor air pollution’ these days, our own houses’ version of sooty skies and car fumes. Considering that we spend approximately 90% of our time indoors in Australia*, indoor pollutants have just the same potential to cause damage to our health than the good old outdoor pollution we’ve been aware of for decades. While eliminating all indoor pollutants is just not possible, there are a number of simple solutions that reduce them effectively and improve indoor air quality and our health along with it.

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Some enlightening facts about candles

Pillar candle burning on black backgroundWe love a candle-lit dinner or a few tea-lights in the bathroom when we have the occasional bath (and as evidenced by the title of our post, we also love a bad pun).

Candles have gone from being a necessity to feeling like a treat – but gorgeous flickering light is not all there is to it: there are health and eco-friendly facts to unravel before choosing a candle. And it’s all about what wax is used…

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