Some enlightening facts about candles

Pillar candle burning on black backgroundWe love a candle-lit dinner or a few tea-lights in the bathroom when we have the occasional bath (and as evidenced by the title of our post, we also love a bad pun).

Candles have gone from being a necessity to feeling like a treat – but gorgeous flickering light is not all there is to it: there are health and eco-friendly facts to unravel before choosing a candle. And it’s all about what wax is used…

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The art of soap dodging

Soap Bar with SudsCould you use less soap and skip your morning shower? We’re not talking about bad hygiene, but a movement affectionately named ‘Soap Dodging’. Soap dodging favours fewer showers or baths per week – with dodgers having a quick sink wash on their off-shower days. One of the reasons for the dodging is to avoid over-processing our skin and hair, which disrupts our natural oil and moisture balance. Unless we work up quite a sweat, we generally don’t really need to wash our skin daily – and sometimes even a simple rinse is enough to dislodge the accumulated grime.

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