A whole foods challenge and homemade tea

Herbal Tea BlendNo sooner than our 21 Day Green Smoothie Challenge comes to an end, here we go again: we’re taking another food challenge! This time it hails straight out of the beautiful mind of Wellness WA creator and editor Annette – and it’s so healthful we really should be eating like this all year round!

Annette’s challenge is easy to take: this current week is all about Whole Foods – this means no pre-prepared meals, no junk, plentiful fresh food. If possible, no coffee – go herbal tea instead! Are you in?

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Slippery stuff

Slippery Elm Bark

Slippery Elm is a popular and well-known staple in any health food store.  Its inner bark is what is used in medicinal preparations: gelatinous and nutrient-rich, it is often ground into powder that can be rehydrated with water, steeped into tea, or taken as capsules.

Slippery Elm is known to be soothing and helpful to those with sensitive stomachs and/or digestive tracks.

It is also helpful in neutralising stomach acids (making it a particularly good ally for those who have painful stomach ulcers), soothing sore throats, and cleansing the colon.

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The Role Enzymes Play in Keeping Us Healthy

Throughout our lives, the food we eat and how our digestive system processes and absorbs nutrients from that food is vital to our health. At birth, breast milk provides a baby with enzymes to digest human milk. When a baby begins to eat solid food, often processed or cooked at high temperatures, the enzymes are destroyed and may be the beginning of a lifetime cycle of undigested food remaining in the digestive tract and the by-products being absorbed into the bloodstream. Continue reading

Acid/Alkaline: good chemistry


There are enough diets out there to make our heads spin – and they all seem to claim to be best for us.  Only to be exposed as too restrictive or maybe even dangerous in the long run!  And food that is readily available, convenient and cheap may not be that healthy.  So what to do?

We don’t believe in going on diets from time to time to try and lose x number of kg, while not really paying attention to what we eat the rest of the time.  ‘Diet’ should be ongoing: a few simple principles that help keep a stable weight, but also a stable level of energy, good sleep and clear skin.  A little bit of effort will go a long way, and our clever bodies reward us with health and vitality when we put the right things in.

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