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Jar of Echolife Hydrated Green Clay (Calcium Bentonite)Remember to head over to Wellness WA to enter the draw to win one of five jars of our hydrated – super all natural cleanser and detoxifying facial masque – clay! Entries close tomorrow, July 21st.

Bottle of Weleda Almond Soothing Facial OilAnd over at the Belle Lumière you can win a bottle of Weleda Almond Soothing Facial Oil: perfect to apply on freshly cleansed skin for a boost of natural moisturising and beneficial nutrients. Entries on this one close on July 23rd.

Thank you to Annette and Jessica for hosting the giveaways, and good luck!

Animals love their clay too

Here at Echolife we are partial to our green swelling clay (of the ‘calcium bentonite’ kind).  We all use it, in several glorious and versatile ways: baths, compresses, face masks, cleanser…  it makes our skin soft and detoxes our bodies.

But we’re not the only ones who love our clay: animals in the wild (on almost every continent) have been observed to instinctively seek clay to eat, or bathe in.  Why?

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How Does Calcium Bentonite Clay Differ from Other Clays?

One of the most common forms of green clay is Bentonite, a clay from the smectite group. It contains substantial amounts of magnesium and a wide variety of trace minerals. Through its natural evolution, bentonite (as well as montmorillonite) also selectively adsorbs a variety of organic material. Echolife’s Calcium Bentonite (Montmorillonite) clay is pH balanced (acid/alkaline ratio).

No two clays are completely alike, even if they are mined in the same area. Our clay is from an underground mine in the beautiful Death Valley/Mojave Desert area of California where it has been protected from the elements for thousands of years. It is finely milled and perfect for adding purified or a good quality still mineral water (hydrating) to make a ‘gel’ or ‘paste’ for face or body applications. Continue reading

How To: Clay Masks and Wraps

Who doesn’t like a bit of pampering?  How about some affordable but luxurious, do it yourself pampering?

Clay face masks and body wraps are just the ticket: wonderful and inexpensive ways to deeply cleanse the body, while improving the tone and texture of the skin.

You need a good quality clay, ideally a swelling clay as they are especially suited to drawing out toxins and impurities – and you can add some natural ingredients for greater enhanced benefits to the skin.

Why face or body masks?  In addition to a gentle daily cleanse, a  deep-cleansing treatment once to twice weekly is necessary to maintain glowing and healthy skin.  It can help remove lingering impurities, tighten the skin and shrink pores.  A clay face or body mask also stimulates circulation and brings blood to the surface of the skin, and with it nutrients and oxygen: everything the skin needs to keep that healthy glow!

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Taking A Clay Bath

clay bath

Clay baths are not the stuff of expensive spa trips: you can treat yourself to regular clay baths at home, easily and cheaply!

Our green swelling clay (technically of the ‘calcium bentonite’ denomination) is also milled to a very fine gauge: if you are picturing a thick bubbling mess to clean up, you will be pleasantly surprised to only have to rinse the bath lightly afterwards.  Too easy!



Our bodies absorb both nutrients and toxins from the food we eat, the air we breathe, and the cosmetics we use.  If you diet is high in processed and pre-packaged foods and you use a lot of beauty and cleaning products from supermarket shelves, you would be absorbing a lot of artificial additives and chemicals via digestion and through the skin.

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Clay: living Earth


Clay’s use by indigenous or lost cultures pre-dates our earliest historical documents.  The ancient Egyptians, the Greeks, the Native Americans all used it in different ways (some of them practical, some of them mystical).

Clay comes in different types – or families – such as smectite – and in different colours, which indicate different mineral composition.  Clay is used in beauty and health treatments and is incredibly effective at helping the body and skin detox.  Spa resorts offering clay body wraps, facials and baths are widespread throughout the world, testament to clay’s universal appeal.

Many doctors and naturopaths incorporated the use of clay as part of their own health regimes and their patients’ alike.

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