Product spotlight: SOL ultrasonic aroma diffuser

Alcyon SOL Ultrasonic Aroma DiffuserSOL is one of Alcyon Australia’s latest releases – an elegant bamboo and glass diffuser with an LED night light, auto shut-off and up to eight hours of intermittent mist.

SOL disperses essential oils with ultrasonic diffusion, a heat-less process that preserves the properties of your blends and oils. It also has an in-built ioniser that releases negative ions to purify the air.

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Enjoy your favourite essential oils with SafeFlame aromatherapy diffusers

SafeFlame Genie Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser White BlackAt Echolife HQ we’re on a perpetual mission to expand our catalogue and bring you products you ask for. One such product was an aroma diffuser with a light that can be completely switched off – and we’re happy to say we found just the thing.

We now stock three new ultrasonic aroma diffusers from SafeFlame – they answer to the names Genie, Pyramid and Prim and not only do they preserve your essential oils’ and blends’ aromatherapeutic properties, they also ionise the air around you (how nice!).

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Tisserand Aromatherapy Roller Balls: pocket-sized, all natural and on sale!

Tisserand Aromatherapy Roller Ball Travel Survival KitIf you’ve got a problem, these clever roller balls can help. They’re blended by the capable folks at Tisserand from organic and ethically harvested essential oils, to help you through everyday situations ranging from foggy brain (Head Clear), lack of concentration (Focus), trouble settling in for the night (Sweet Dreams) to that inevitable afternoon slump (Energise).

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