Derma E liquid vitamin E – perfect to help your skin fight the cold weather!

Derma E Vitamin E Skin Oil 14000 IU 60mLLiquid vitamin E (also referred to as vitamin E oil) has finally been added to the Echolife natural beauty catalogue – and it’s not just any vitamin E, it’s the good stuff: sky-high I.U. and produced by an award-winning sustainable manufacturer with pedantic quality control.

If by now you’re not excited, maybe it’s because you’re not entirely sure why vitamin E is so good for the skin (yes, why?). Let’s remind ourselves.

Vitamin E is naturally present in the skin and helps keep its protective barrier healthy. In a perfect world, your plump, dewy skin complete with healthy natural barrier would never lose its moisture and become dehydrated. Enter reality and the daily stresses your skin has to face: eliminating toxins, fighting the numerous chemicals it is exposed to (environmental or topical), uv rays, not enough beauty sleep or water,… It’s hard work staying plump under these conditions!

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Body armour

Changes in our lifestyles, more environmental pollution and less quality in our diets mean that we are exposed to more free radicals than ever before.

Free radicals (the by-products of oxidants) can harm our cells by causing stress to their surface, and ultimately damaging them.  Our body’s smart response is to produce an armour of antioxidants against the free radicals – and save the day by protecting our cells.

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An Apple (Or Two) A Day!

Just what are the benefits of eating an ‘apple a day’?

  • Apples have a high mineral and vitamin content ….  containing iron, calcium, potassium, silicon and phosphorus, vitamins B complex, A, C and B5.
  • They stimulate appetite, soothe the intestines and reduce constipation, are cleansing to the liver and gallbladder (softening gallstones) and help with nausea.
  • Apples improve the flora in the colon and inhibit the growth of disease-producing bacteria in the digestive tract.

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