Glowing skin from the inside out

Smoothies for clearer skinWe’ll admit: maintaining our regular green smoothie habit is a bit harder during the winter months… But we’re still making an effort because a raw fruit and veg drink is a fantastic way to get a daily shot of fibre and concentrated nutrition, whatever the season. We’ve found that changing ingredients around really helps, as well as reminding ourselves that it will greatly increase our energy and make our skin glow (as evidenced by our 21 Day Green Smoothie Challenge back in January!).

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Wellbeing Wednesday

How to make almond milk at homeIt’s Wednesday! Why the excitement? Because we’ve got another edition of our regular wellbeing picks for you – we’ve mixed it up this week with some face and hair pampering, two delicious and easy recipes, and the hidden superpowers of some foods – revealed! We love this week’s links and we hope you will too.



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How to make your own natural deodorant

Natural DeodorantUntil we evolve to naturally smell of roses, citrus fruit, or fresh air after a storm, most of us need a daily deodorant fix. Finding one that is both effective and not laden with dubious chemical additives can be a treacherous exercise. As we always prefer caution when it comes to applying any product on our skin (especially frequently), we’ve stocked our Echolife virtual shelves with only natural deodorants – aluminum-free with no added synthetic preservatives.

But that’s not the only option if you want to smell fresh – if you like pottering around your kitchen (whilst not actually cooking), you can make your own all natural deodorant too! We’ve even put together a few links to easy-peasy recipes below to get you started.

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To the finishing line! The last two days of the 21 Day Green Smoothie Challenge…

Cartoon frog crossing finish lineIf you’ve been with us since January 13th and drinking one green smoothie each day, you may be running out of ideas by now… Last week we compiled everyone’s recipes to date so we could all get inspired and marvel at some of the participants’ creativity and boldness (the boldness was mostly Jade throwing in cabbage).

This week we’ve got something else for you: a tasty list of extra bits and pieces to throw into your smoothies to change them around and make them special. Sometimes slight tinkering can make a big difference in taste! Read on…

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Twice as sweet: a sugar and honey facial scrub

Brown Sugar Pile with scoopIn our weekly quest to try something new to exfoliate, we came up with an incredibly simple sugar scrub which also doubles as a face wash – it’s natural, it’s easy, it saves time and it leaves skin feeling squeaky clean and oh so soft. If you want to try our sugar and honey skin scrub, here’s how to do it… We’re even going to throw in some ideas if you want to tailor the recipe to perfection for your own skin type.

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