The Kuvings Silent Juicer: well-deserving of its name

Kuvings Silent Juicer WhiteWe love adding new products to our ever-growing online catalogue of natural health and natural beauty products. And we’re very taken with one of the newest additions to the Echolife website – the Kuvings Silent Juicer – so we thought we’d tell you a bit more about it.

Juicing is one of our favourite ways to get our daily dose of fresh fruit and veg – but goodness knows not all juicers are created equal. This applies to the resulting juice as well: a centrifugal juicer will give you ‘boundary’ juice that oxidises / loses nutrients and changes colour before your very eyes, whilst a cold-press masticating or slow juicer will give you a thicker juice, with plentiful nutrients intact.

The Kuvings is a proud member of the slow juicer family – and is so sturdy it is suitable for commercial use. And that’s only the beginning of what this amazing upright juicer can do.

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New in store: Kosmea natural skincare

Kosmea Skin Clinic Certified Organic Rose Hip OilIn the festive season you can usually find the Echolife worker bees buzzing away to add to our ever expanding catalogue – and so, we’re pleased to announce Kosmea products are now in stock at the Echolife webstore. Happy dance!

Kosmea is natural, simple skincare at its best and that’s why we love it. The range offers products for different skin types and caters to every step of your routine.

From cleansing to moisturising, your skin will be gently nurtured and nourished with antioxidant-rich Australian native botanical extracts, essential oils, and plant waxes and butters. Want to see? Continue reading

Flower and water = great toner for skin

Echolife Rose Facial Mist Rejuvenating 250mLWe are big believers in the above formula and our brand new Echolife line of face mists proves it. Face mists are one clever skin product – you could even say they are multi-tasking super heroes (with special powers). They don’t just refresh skin, they can rejuvenate and tone it, zap breakout-causing bacteria into oblivion, help ease inflammation… with just three or four sprays of a bottle. And all this magic happens when you combine the simplest of ingredients: plants and pure water.

So… ta-da! The Echolife Pure Botanical Infusions aka Facial Mists that will make your skin say ‘What took you so long?’

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Steel water bottles fight the fight against landfill

crushed plastic water bottle

At least in Australia, it’s a misconception that bottled water is a pure and healthier alternative to tap water. If you buy your water in a plastic bottle, chemicals (such as BPA) used in the manufacturing process may leech into the water.

We have been warned not to refill these bottles more than once – why? Apart from simple (yet highly dangerous) bacteria buildup inside the bottle, evidence is mounting that ongoing exposure to some of the common chemicals used in the manufacture of plastic water bottles and food containers is highly unsafe. Continue reading

Slow and steady: the Hurom Slow Juicer

We’ve tried different juicers from some well-known brands over the years; we’re always somewhat disappointed with the small amount and poor quality of juice that the cheaper juicers are capable of extracting.

A ‘slow’ juicer is designed to minimise the heat and oxygen created during the juicing process, meaning maximum living nutrients are retained and you are getting a juice with more antioxidants, nutrients and vitamins, better flavour and freshness, and much less of the separation that occurs in the juice from conventional, high-speed juicing.

Because this design originates from commercial applications, it’s also capable of getting a lot more yield out of fruits and vegetables than the cheaper juicers most people are familiar with. Continue reading

The TDP Far Infrared Lamp

visible light spectrumThe Far Infrared Mineral Lamp was invented by a group of scientists in China, headed by Dr. Gou Wenbin. Early in the 1970’s, an odd and interesting phenomenon was noted at a century-old ceramic factory in rural China. The workers there stood in mud (clay) for much of the work day and the new production manager recognised these working conditions, becoming concerned that the workers would be troubled with arthritis and other related ailments, due to standing on the cold, sodden floor for long period of time.

The ensuing investigations disclosed that the side-effects of standing in the mud were the opposite of original concerns. They found that there was not a single case of arthritis among the workers. A full-scale scientific investigation revealed a single anomaly: an electromagnetic reading in the far-infrared spectrum emanating from the kiln used to fire the ceramics. Analysis of a metallic slag in the kiln, accumulated over years of buildup, showed it was made up of 33 minerals. These minerals happen to correspond with 33 essential minerals in the human body, and when heated sufficiently, radiate far-infrared energy exactly like the human body. Continue reading