New in store: A’kin and Al’chemy

Alchemy Lavender Shampoo 225mLWe’re very excited to announce A’kin skincare and Al’chemy shampoos, conditioners and treatments have joined our ever-growing Natural Beauty catalogue. A’kin and Al’chemy products are formulated with 100% natural active ingredients and finest quality botanical extracts to nurture, nourish and balance all skin and hair types. All products from A’kin, Al’chemy, A’kin pureBaby and A’kin pureMan are suitable for vegans, certified Cruelty-Free and free from toxic additives, harsh preservatives or synthetic fragrances. In other words, award-winning natural products that deliver healthier, more radiant skin and hair!

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Wellbeing Wednesday

How to make almond milk at homeIt’s Wednesday! Why the excitement? Because we’ve got another edition of our regular wellbeing picks for you – we’ve mixed it up this week with some face and hair pampering, two delicious and easy recipes, and the hidden superpowers of some foods – revealed! We love this week’s links and we hope you will too.



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Multi-tasking hero: 10 ideas on how to use aloe vera

Aloe Plant - Köhler Medizinal PflanzenWe like to use single, pure ingredients in our skin care routine: it makes sense to go straight to the source and feed your skin with as many beneficial nutrients as possible, no?

And one of these pure ingredients is none other than organic aloe vera gel. It’s a non-negotiable part of our routine and we couldn’t be without it. It turns out, we’re not the only ones who love aloe: the lovely ladies at ‘No More Dirty Looks‘ feel the same way about it (how great is this quote: ‘[…] every beauty biff under the sun could be ameliorated with a little aloe*.’)

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Lavender: the multi-purpose essential oil

Franz Eugen Koehler - Lavender Botanical ChartLavender oil is best known for its calming and relaxing effect. Although it does a brilliant job at helping us relax and unwind (and even reduce anxiety if we are inclined to fidget), it’s somewhat short-changing this amazing oil not to mention its other powers.

The benefits of lavender are many and include analgesic, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, anxiolytic and decongestant properties (amongst others) – it is truly an all-purpose oil that should be a staple in every home. It can be used for pain relief, to treat small burns and insect bites, it works a charm as a mosquito repellent, it’s especially wonderful as a treatment for dry, sensitive or oily skin, it can soothe bronchial cough and improve sleep quality. Not bad!

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Avoiding chemical additives in skin care products

If you are one of the million + viewers of The Story of Cosmetics, you no doubt were a little disconcerted to find out so many synthetic and chemical additives make their way into common skin care products.

Some of the worst offenders are preservatives like parabens or formaldehyde derivatives – they prolong the shelf life of products but can accumulate in our bodies and reach potentially harmful levels. Other ingredients such as mineral oil, petrolatum and fillers don’t in fact hydrate the skin all that much – but act more like cling film that clogs pores and can lead to breakouts or irritation. Not to mention harsh surfactants disrupt skin’s pH and strip its protective acid mantle…

So what can we do to reduce the 100 or more different synthetic chemicals in our daily skin care routine?

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The art of soap dodging

Soap Bar with SudsCould you use less soap and skip your morning shower? We’re not talking about bad hygiene, but a movement affectionately named ‘Soap Dodging’. Soap dodging favours fewer showers or baths per week – with dodgers having a quick sink wash on their off-shower days. One of the reasons for the dodging is to avoid over-processing our skin and hair, which disrupts our natural oil and moisture balance. Unless we work up quite a sweat, we generally don’t really need to wash our skin daily – and sometimes even a simple rinse is enough to dislodge the accumulated grime.

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