How To: Clay Masks and Wraps

Who doesn’t like a bit of pampering?  How about some affordable but luxurious, do it yourself pampering?

Clay face masks and body wraps are just the ticket: wonderful and inexpensive ways to deeply cleanse the body, while improving the tone and texture of the skin.

You need a good quality clay, ideally a swelling clay as they are especially suited to drawing out toxins and impurities – and you can add some natural ingredients for greater enhanced benefits to the skin.

Why face or body masks?  In addition to a gentle daily cleanse, a  deep-cleansing treatment once to twice weekly is necessary to maintain glowing and healthy skin.  It can help remove lingering impurities, tighten the skin and shrink pores.  A clay face or body mask also stimulates circulation and brings blood to the surface of the skin, and with it nutrients and oxygen: everything the skin needs to keep that healthy glow!

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DIY natural skin care: milk and honey

There is no need to go further than your refrigerator or pantry to give yourself a DIY home beauty treatment.  After all, we didn’t always have pharmacies or cosmetics counters stocked full of products all promising miracles!  From personal experience, most of the miracle products we’ve ever tried (promising to fade age spots, make us look younger, stave off the onset of wrinkles,…) never did.  And not only that, modern cosmetic manufacturing practices use many chemicals that leave us shaking our heads: mineral oil (a by-product of crude oil refinement) and all the family of petrochemicals, as well as preservatives that are starting to be named as a cancer-risk, thickeners, binders, synthetic perfumes…

If there is one thing that is universal, it is the desire to look and feel good: who doesn’t want glowing dewy skin and miles of energy?  We believe it can be achieved without the use of potentially harmful chemicals.  Beautiful skin doesn’t have to take too much effort, and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune or pose a risk to our health.  How is that for good news?

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Acid/Alkaline: good chemistry


There are enough diets out there to make our heads spin – and they all seem to claim to be best for us.  Only to be exposed as too restrictive or maybe even dangerous in the long run!  And food that is readily available, convenient and cheap may not be that healthy.  So what to do?

We don’t believe in going on diets from time to time to try and lose x number of kg, while not really paying attention to what we eat the rest of the time.  ‘Diet’ should be ongoing: a few simple principles that help keep a stable weight, but also a stable level of energy, good sleep and clear skin.  A little bit of effort will go a long way, and our clever bodies reward us with health and vitality when we put the right things in.

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