Swap 4 Good to the award-winning Wotnot Biodegradable Baby Wipes

Wotnot Biodegradable Baby Wipes 80 PackWotnot baby wipes remain one of our best sellers year over year for good reason: they’re 100% biodegradable and compostable (in other words, brilliant from an environmental perspective!), suitable for the most sensitive skin and Wotnot are completely transparent about their ingredients – the wipes are free from chlorine and other artificial additives, containing only certified organic aloe vera along with pure and mild ingredients to soothe and protect your little one’s skin.

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Rose-scented body care

Pretty Pink Rose WallpaperWe are big fans of all things rose – we’ve already written about the benefits of rose water and why it should be a part of your daily routine (if it’s not, take a minute to read the post – we’ll wait here).

Aside from smelling heavenly, rose is considered to have calming properties making it an obvious choice to scent DIY bath products or body scrubs and make a pampering ritual feel that much more special and relaxing.

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New in store: the MegaMix Power Blender

Megamix Power BlenderA very fitting alternate title might have been ‘High performance meets precision and delicious results ensue’ – since it arrived a few short weeks ago, the latest addition to the Echolife kitchen has been buzzing daily delivering perfect smoothies to hungry staff mid-afternoon. And smoothies are only the tip of the delicious iceberg: if you’re on the market for an all-around easy-to-use kitchen helper that can do your food prep as well as whip up all sorts of wholesome concoctions effortlessly, we recommend you give the MegaMix a look. Not least because until the end of April it’s on sale, at a stupendous $200 off RRP!

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Avoiding chemical additives in skin care products

If you are one of the million + viewers of The Story of Cosmetics, you no doubt were a little disconcerted to find out so many synthetic and chemical additives make their way into common skin care products.

Some of the worst offenders are preservatives like parabens or formaldehyde derivatives – they prolong the shelf life of products but can accumulate in our bodies and reach potentially harmful levels. Other ingredients such as mineral oil, petrolatum and fillers don’t in fact hydrate the skin all that much – but act more like cling film that clogs pores and can lead to breakouts or irritation. Not to mention harsh surfactants disrupt skin’s pH and strip its protective acid mantle…

So what can we do to reduce the 100 or more different synthetic chemicals in our daily skin care routine?

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