Grow your own sprouts at home

Snow pea sproutsSprouting is a process that’s fascinating to watch and has many nutritional benefits to boot.

The Biosnacky® range from Vogel makes it easy for you to get started and grown your own sprouts at home from nuts, legumes, seeds and more.

What is sprouting?

Vogel Biosnacky Glass Germinator and BoxTo sprout grains, seeds or legumes, they need to be soaked and rinsed in water over a number of days. Provided temperature and humidity are right, the outer layers of the seeds or grains etc.. will eventually split to reveal a young shoot.

Sprouting is not just a neat experiment, it also carries noteworthy nutritional advantages which make sprouts an attractive proposition to add to our modern (and often not optimal) diets.

What are the benefits of eating sprouts?

When seeds are soaked, their metabolic activity increases and triggers changes through each cycle of rinsing and sprouting. Complex nutrients are transformed into more readily digestible energy, protein quality and quantity increases, fibre and vitamin content increases, as well as essential fatty acids. Not only that, the presence of anti-nutrients (compounds that can limit the absorption of beneficial vitamins and minerals, or cause bloat) drops.

As sprouting essentially breaks down the original ingredient and makes it easier to digest, sprouts might be good choices for those with a sensitive digestive system as well.

Is there a catch?

A good place to start is to discuss the addition of sprouts in your diet with your healthcare professional: there are health concerns to take into account as ideal sprouting conditions (warmth and humidity) are also ideal for bacteria to flourish.

It is very important to source seeds from a trusted supplier, as contaminated seeds can lead to the spread of harmful bacteria. Look for seeds that are specifically for human consumption, preferably organic.

If you buy a sprouter, make sure you follow the manufacturer’s directions and look for a safe sprouting guide online if you need more information. Don’t skip the sterilising steps, both for your sprouts and your equipment.

Some sprouts should also not be eaten raw, and some should not be eaten at all (such as those from the solanaceae family which includes potato, eggplant and tomato), so it’s best to research each ingredient you intend to sprout.

Finally, you can cook your sprouts before eating to be on the very safe side. You should also trust your nose: sprouts should smell clean, so if they don’t, best throw them out.

Where to start

First time sprouters can try their hand with the Vogel Biosnacky® Glass Germinator: it is inexpensive, very easy to use and comes with instructions and seeds.

As always, don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions. Happy sprouting!

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