New in store: Weleda Jardin de Vie natural perfumes

Weleda Jardin de Vie Natural Perfumes Rose, Grenade and AgrumeThe latest additions to our natural perfume selection are very exciting! Inspired by Weleda’s leading Sea Buckthorn, Pomegranate and Wild Rose ranges, Jardin de Vie natural perfumes draw on essential oils’ properties and stimulate subtle and harmonious emotions in the wearer.

The Jardin de Vie range draws on decades of fragrance expertise developed in house by Weleda’s perfumers. Weleda skin and body care products never use artificial fragrance (parfum), using essential oil blends instead to compliment the formulation and enhance the experience of the product.

Each Jardin de Vie fragrance is a sophisticated natural scent composition that will transport the wearer to three different worlds: Agrume, Grenade or Rose.

Agrume: light and refreshing grapefruit and mandarin echo the delicious fruitiness of the Sea Buckthorn range. Rich sandalwood gives this energising fragrance a soft, powdery quality. Jardin de Vie Agrume awakens vitality and energises the mind.

Grenade: Exotic and sensual, the fruity and oriental notes give this scent a timeless femininity inspired by the Pomegranate range. Notes of orange and davana mingle with the warmth of vanilla which gives Jardin de Vie Grenade depth and softness.

Rose: a floral and romantic scent that combines the delicate and opulent notes of ylang-ylang, rose and geranium blossoms. Inspired by the Wild Rose range, Jardin de Vie Rose is a harmonising and refreshing fragrance with a surprising slightly spicy quality.

You can find the Jardin de Vie natural perfumes here, and browse our entire Natural Perfume section here. As always, don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions!