Desk essentials

Top down view of a desk with keyboard, mouse, watch and mobile phoneThose of us with a desk job spend a considerable amount of time seated every day. We’ve rounded our pick of some essentials that help boost our focus and make the most of our seated time.

Natural light desk lamp
The Ionmax DF3028 lamp entered our office in 2010 and never left. It simulates the balanced spectrum of natural daylight and eliminates flickering, a by-product of standard fluorescent lighting that puts undue strain on the eyes. The brighter light of the DF3028 increases contrast and helps focus on reading and writing – the lamp even has an in-built ioniser in its base that releases negative ions, which help purify the air!

PEBO ultrasonic aroma diffuser
Alcyon Pebo Ultrasonic Usb Aroma Diffuser with coloured mistThis small aroma diffuser plugs into any computer’s USB port and offers approximately 3 hours of continuous mist before requiring a refill. The PEBO has a built-in LED transitional light that morphs through different colours which helps create a peaceful atmosphere.

Favourite concentration-boosting oils include refreshing and bracing rosemary, basil, peppermint, or anything bright and citrusy like grapefruit, lemon/lemongrass, orange or bergamot.

Focus roller ball
This pocket-size blend from renowned aromatherapy brand Tisserand contains no synthetic ingredients and is the ideal pick-me-up when clear thinking is required – simply glide over pulse points and breathe in deeply.

H2 Onya bottle with flip’n’flow lid
The 1L bottle is a good size to keep track of your water intake throughout the day and the flip’n’flow lid with its straw means you don’t have to tip the bottle back to drink. If you want to get up more frequently to refill, you can choose the 500mL size instead.

And don’t forget to get out of your chair regularly and stretch – it really does matter to your health in the long run!

Top image credit (Pexels)