Sensitive Choice products from Cli~mate

Cli~mate AW200l Air Washer with the Sensitive Choice Blue Butterfly LogoFor those who suffer from allergies or asthma, breathing cleaner air is paramount to the successful management of their symptoms. The Sensitive Choice program was created in this spirit: an initiative of the National Asthma Council Australia, it helps identify products (and services) that are asthma and allergy-aware with its recognisable blue butterfly logo.

Found on hundreds of products, the blue butterfly signifies you are purchasing a product that strives to keep your personal breathing space cleaner and fresher. We stock a number of products with the Sensitive Choice logo, all designed to improve indoor air quality.

Cli~mate air purifiers

Cli~mate AP20 Hepa Air Purifier with the Sensitive Choice Blue Butterfly LogoMulti-step purification including true Hepa filtration captures common allergens such as pollen, mould spores, pet dander, dust mite droppings and improves air quality.

Designed with up to three filters, Cli~mate models AP10, AP20 (pictured left) and AP30 all have a H12-grade Hepa filter that removes airborne particles as small as 0.3 micron.

The Cli~mate AW200 is a filterless air purifier that uses a water wash method to return cleaner and fresher air.

Cli~mate dehumidifiers

Excessive indoor humidity allows the growth of mildew, fungus and mould as well as dust mites which are all allergy and asthma triggers. Controlling humidity creates a healthier environment and promotes better breathing health.

Cli~mate offers dessicant, compressor and portable dehumidifiers – which perform optimally in a variety of environments.

Dessicant dehumidification works in higher and lower temperatures equally well – the DH8D model is ideal for homes that experience high humidity and temperature variation all year round.

Compressor dehumidifiers are better suited to high humidity and higher temperatures. They come in two capacities: 12L or 20L of moisture removed per day.

Cli~mate Dehumidifier Egg Sensitive Choice Logo with Blue ButterflyPortable dehumidifiers are ideal for small spaces and rechargeable, making them effective and durable solutions. Choose from a 3 Pack of SunSacks (small bags ideal for closets and drawers), the Dehumidifier Egg (pictured) or the Wireless Dehumidifier.

You can see our whole selection of products with the blue butterfly logo here – it’s there to let you know you are indeed making a Sensitive Choice!

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