New in store: MyCook and ThermoPro All-in-one Cookers

ProAppliances ThermoPro All-in-one Cooker and Included ExtrasOne of the keys to healthy and balanced meals is simplicity and having the right tools. All-in-one cookers take this principle to a whole other level by multi-tasking, as well as saving time and space.

We’ve recently added two all-in-one cookers to our catalogue, each with a different approach to food preparation. Meet the BioChef MyCook and ProAppliances ThermoPro!

What exactly is an all-in-one cooker?

An all-in-one cooker is capable of completing many different tasks that would normally require more than one appliance to perform: it simplifies food preparation by effectively replacing a blender, mixer, steamer, food processor, rice cooker, even yoghurt-maker, as well as cuts down on washing up as you don’t need to transfer your ingredients into a pot or pan to cook – true to its name, an all-in-one cooker can and does cook meals from start to finish, right into that single mixing bowl!

What can an all-in-one-cooker do?

Both MyCook and ThermoPro (pictured above) share similar basic functions: they can knead, blend, stir, whip, chop, sauté, and steam.

You can prepare the following recipes easily: soups, stews, rice, smoothies, cocktails, yoghurt, sauces, stock, pastries, fresh pasta, ice-cream, bread, pâté, baby food and purées…

Both models have manual controls that let you set time, temperature and speed, so there is very little you won’t be able to do!

Pre-set programs

BioChef MyCook All-in-one Kitchen Machine with Included ExtrasThe biggest difference between the MyCook (pictured right) and ThermoPro are to be found here: MyCook’s approach is to have very few pre-sets, and assist in your cooking instead of asking you to conform to structured programs.

The ThermoPro is designed with a different philosophy: it comes with 15 pre-set programs and lets you save custom settings so you can recreate your favourite recipes easily as well.

Added features

The MyCook and ThermoPro both come with included gifts – both have a long warranty period and both are built with safety features to ensure many years of trusty service.

The MyCook is a little dearer but we have an introductory offer at the moment which prices it at the same level as the ThermoPro. You can find them both here in our cooker section.

As always, let us know if you have any questions, and happy all-in-one cooking!