New in store: Alcyon Atom and Soma Nebulisers

Alcyon Soma Nebulising Aroma Diffuser in an aluminium finishWe’re always looking for effective solutions to diffuse essential oils, so we were very excited to add the newest Alcyon nebulisers to our catalogue. Meet the Atom and the Soma!

Nebulisers don’t use any water or heat to diffuse essential oils: bottles (up to 30mL) can be attached directly onto the Atom and the Soma, provided they have a screw neck.

Not only are aromatherapeutic benefits and scent delivered intact, but both Atom and Soma have a very large coverage of 100m2.

Diffusion is controlled by a single button on the Atom, with high and low settings. The Soma has additional features: the output can be configured as continual or intermittent mist, as well as its off intervals. The Soma also has a timer for added convenience.

Both models come with a 12 months warranty – you can see them and the rest of the Alcyon range here.

As always, let us know if you have any questions.