New in store! Kosmea Discover Collection and more

Kosmea Discover Kosmea Collection with 5 Mini-sized Products and 1 Full-sized SerumKosmea has just released a new Discover Collection, hurray! This is the second Collection to date (we’ll get to the first one in a minute) – and great news: it’s still a 6 product sampler, it still contains everything you need to switch to a completely all natural skincare routine, and it’s still a fantastic deal for your wallet.

What’s the Discover Collection?

Everything you need to pamper your skin from start to finish – your skin has a few opportunities to confirm how the products make it feel, and the small sizes are also handy for travel. What’s not to like?

You’ll find 3 different cleansers in the new Discover Collection (one with a bit of a scrubby texture which is still gentle enough for everyday use, but can also do nicely as an exfoliating treatment only), a rosewater mist, phenomenal full-size serum and nurturing moisturiser (suitable for all skin types).

The previous Discover Collection is still available as well – it contains the same cleansers, rosewater mist and moisturiser and is priced a little lower as its star full size product is Kosmea’s famous Skin Clinic Certified Organic Rose Hip Oil instead of the Radiance 24/7 Youth Boost serum. If you’re into rose hip straight up, you might prefer to go for this previous collection.

Best of all, the Discover Collections are a great deal at just $39.90 (first one with full size Rose Hip) or $49.90 (newbie with full size serum). Healthy glowing skin at a great price!

And for die-hard Kosmea fans, we’ve just gotten fresh stock of one of their latest products, the Rose Body Lotion: who doesn’t want hydrated and firm skin that’s delicately scented of rose?

Let us know if you have any questions and happy Kosmea discovery!