Learn about juicing and dehydrating with our new book section

Cover of the book The Dehydrator Bible by Jennifer MacKenzie, Jay Nutt & Don MercerWe’re beyond pleased so many people out there are embracing juicing and food dehydrating – and after getting many requests for book recommendations we realised both practices can be a little daunting when you’re just beginning. If you’re lacking overall confidence right now, it won’t be for long if you turn to our book section!

The books we stock offer plentiful guidance and recipe ideas so you can establish you new healthy juicing or dehydrating practice quickly and easily.

We can help if you’re short on inspiration when it comes to recipes, or want to juice for a specific purpose and aren’t sure where to start – we can also help if you love your new dehydrator but want to branch out from making fruit leathers: look no further than The Dehydrator Bible where you’ll find over 400 recipes ranging from entrées to scrumptious one-pot meals and main courses, to mouth-watering desserts. The book even has a bonus treats section for the lucky pets in your life.

Take a look and let us know if your favourite book isn’t on our shelves – we’re very knowledge-hungry ourselves and love a good recommendation.

Happy reading!