New in store: the MegaMix Power Blender

Megamix Power BlenderA very fitting alternate title might have been ‘High performance meets precision and delicious results ensue’ – since it arrived a few short weeks ago, the latest addition to the Echolife kitchen has been buzzing daily delivering perfect smoothies to hungry staff mid-afternoon. And smoothies are only the tip of the delicious iceberg: if you’re on the market for an all-around easy-to-use kitchen helper that can do your food prep as well as whip up all sorts of wholesome concoctions effortlessly, we recommend you give the MegaMix a look. Not least because until the end of April it’s on sale, at a stupendous $200 off RRP!

Innovation that leads to perfect results

The clever designers behind the MegaMix identified that control of three key factors is crucial for reliable and repeated success – and these are speed, time and temperature. Most blenders only have a handful of invariable settings that may or may not do the job, and poor performance leads to neglect: if your blender delivers chunky results when you wanted smooth, you’re not likely to use it very often and you’ll forego all the versatility and goodness a trusty blender can bring to your tastebuds and diet.

Enters the MegaMix: designed with a simple and intuitive user interface, it comes with 6 preset programs that vary time and speed expertly to suit a variety of recipes – or if you prefer to take complete control you can simply select your desired time and speed and away you go! You can monitor temperature closely with the patented tamper’s in-built thermometer and keep your ingredients’ nutritional profile as close to raw as you wish. Easy, healthy and delicious results every time!

Performance and durability

The MegaMix is built from quality durable components: the Australian-designed chassis houses a commercial-grade motor that delivers up to 32,000 RPM, the jug’s blade assembly is manufactured from Japanese stainless steel, and for peace of mind the large 2L jug is BPA-free. You can look forward to years of faithful service and consistent performance!

What the MegaMix can do:

The MegaMix can create a multitude of recipes and help you with food prep – soups, dips and nut butters, sauces, purées, smoothies, desserts, nut milks and hot beverages can all be made in a flash. You can even leave skins, peels and pips on and benefit from increased fibre and nutrients!

The MegaMix can also help minimise food waste by turning overripe and bruised fruit into frozen desserts or delicious smoothies, and leftovers into soups or tasty sauces. A friend to your health and your wallet!

MegaMix Power Blender and Grinder Jug BundleThe optional Grinder Jug opens up even more possibilities: you can mill your own flour from whole grains, seeds, or legumes, grind coffee and spices, even knead dough. The MegaMix and Grinder Jug are available as a bundle which is also on sale until the end of April!

If you’re looking for a reliable multi-function food processor the MegaMix might very well be a perfect match: you can see the whole MegaMix range here and as always feel free to contact us with any questions!