Essenzza Fuss Free Facials: the aptly named natural sheet masks

Essenzza Fuss Free Facials Moisturize and SmoothYou may be full of good intentions, but a weekly face mask is a skin care resolution that’s hard to keep. If you’re shrugging your shoulders with a certain degree of smugness because you’ve clocked 52 face masks in the last calendar year, hats off to you: you’re an organised and disciplined rarity and we’re guessing your skin is flawless. For those of us who didn’t quite make it, Essenzza sheet masks are here to help!

Aptly named ‘Fuss Free Facials’, the masks come in three varieties – Cleanse and Exfoliate, Moisturise and Smooth, Anti-ageing Antioxidant.

What’s so special about the Essenzza sheet masks?

They’re special in multiple ways! First, their material. Each sheet mask is made from the softest Japanese silk cotton, and this matters because the resulting mask is very fine and can hug your skin closely without any feeling of discomfort or roughness. This ensures maximum contact between your skin and all the natural beneficial active ingredients each mask is saturated with.

The masks’ formulations are (you guessed it) another reason they’re a pretty special product. Essenzza’s stance of ‘Full Transparency’ steered the formulations exclusively towards natural botanical actives and natural preservatives, shunning harsher alternatives. The resulting masks are suitable for all skin types and should not cause any irritation if the instructions are followed properly.

Three varieties to choose from

Instead of designing their formulations per skin type, the Essenzza sheet masks address skin concerns instead. Cleanse and Exfoliate is perfect when your skin is looking a little dull, Moisturise and Smooth is the way to go when your skin is feeling dry and drab – and Anti-ageing Antioxidant is the ultimate nutrient boost and free-radical fighting hero you can call on anytime you’re wanting silky, plump and smooth skin. The three varieties can be used interchangeably – whenever your skin needs a bit more exfoliating, moisturising, or anti-ageing TLC.

Most of all, the Essenzza masks are deserving of their name and truly easy to use. No preparation is required – open a packet, pop it on your face (freshly-cleansed please), leave on for 30mn, and throw away. Bonus points for being slightly disconcerting to unsuspecting family members the first few times you walk out of the bathroom with a mask on.

The Essenzza Fuss Free Facials are sold in a box of three and can be picked up from the Echolife webstore for $14.95 with free shipping.