New in store: Mira’s Hand Pure Moroccan Argan Oil

Mira's Hand Pure Moroccan Argan Oil 50mLWe’ve added another miracle-worker to our selection of serums and beautiful face oils – meet Mira’s Hand Pure Argan Oil.

We’ve tried it, we love it, and we think it is every bit deserving of its other name: liquid gold.

Read on to discover the many benefits of argan oil and its many different uses!

Argan oil benefits (it’s the good stuff!)

Argan oil is extracted by hand – attempts to mechanise the process have been unsuccessful, which makes the extraction process slow and laborious. However, this slow process ensures all the vital nutrients contained in the argan kernels remain intact, available to feed your skin and hair and keep them glowing and healthy.

Argan oil is very rich in vitamin E, squalene and essential fatty acids – nutrients the skin loves and requires to maintain youthfulness and elasticity. Argan oil is also suitable for all skin types, and truly multi-purpose.

How to use argan oil

We’re glad you asked! Take a look at some of the things argan oil can do:

  • Balance acne-prone and congested skin, by regulating the skin’s sebum production
  • Help to alleviate flaky, dry skin
  • Help to combat environmental stress and early signs of ageing
  • Keep frizzy hair under control
  • Strengthen nails and softening cuticles

And a little bit goes a long way – a few drops at a time is all you need…

Economical, multi-tasking and super-nourishing – give this skin care hero a try, you won’t be disappointed.

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  1. Great post! It’s amazing just how many things argan can be used for. I have used this same brand on my hair as as well and it worked wonders.

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