Glowing skin from the inside out

Smoothies for clearer skinWe’ll admit: maintaining our regular green smoothie habit is a bit harder during the winter months… But we’re still making an effort because a raw fruit and veg drink is a fantastic way to get a daily shot of fibre and concentrated nutrition, whatever the season. We’ve found that changing ingredients around really helps, as well as reminding ourselves that it will greatly increase our energy and make our skin glow (as evidenced by our 21 Day Green Smoothie Challenge back in January!).

If you’re running short on ideas, have a look through these 11 smoothie recipes that were all specifically designed to perfect your skin. Truthfully, increasing your fresh fruit, veg and good fats intake won’t just perfect your skin: you’ll feel better all around after drinking one of these concoctions. Still, the idea of a ‘beautifying drink’ is appealing, no?

Remember: you can throw your daily supplements in your smoothies (essential omega fatty acids, spirulina or other super green foods etc…) – and you can flavour them naturally with any of the Super Sprout fruit powders (blueberry, strawberry or apple) for an extra shot of nutrients!

So blend up a storm, and drink your way to clearer skin!

And if you need motivation, for the rest of the month you can sign up to Annette’s Green July: you’ll be joining more than 200 participants having committed to a daily smoothie – your skin (and the rest of you along with it) will thank you!

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