New in store: A’kin and Al’chemy

Alchemy Lavender Shampoo 225mLWe’re very excited to announce A’kin skincare and Al’chemy shampoos, conditioners and treatments have joined our ever-growing Natural Beauty catalogue. A’kin and Al’chemy products are formulated with 100% natural active ingredients and finest quality botanical extracts to nurture, nourish and balance all skin and hair types. All products from A’kin, Al’chemy, A’kin pureBaby and A’kin pureMan are suitable for vegans, certified Cruelty-Free and free from toxic additives, harsh preservatives or synthetic fragrances. In other words, award-winning natural products that deliver healthier, more radiant skin and hair!

Why we love A’kin

The A’kin product line is extensive and can cater to your routine start to finish – from their Aromatherapy body washes and lotions to cleansers, face masques, serum or moisturisers: whatever your skin type, A’kin has a natural product to respond to any concern. A’kin formulas also rely on natural essential oils instead of synthetic fragrances, which cleverly meshes aromatherapeutic benefits with the products’ action (and make the products smell heavenly, we might add).

Al’chemy hair care

All Al’chemy shampoos are strictly sulfate-free, using instead extract of Panama Bark (naturally rich in saponins) and gentle cleansers derived from coconut and sugar. Most Al’chemy conditioners are based on organic avocado oil, a deep-penetrating rich moisturiser that helps put life, swish and bounce back into hair.

For children and those with sensitive scalps, Al’chemy even has an unscented shampoo and matching conditioner.

A’kin pureBaby

A’kin’s dermatologist-approved baby range of essentials helps you care for your little one’s delicate skin. Gentle and soothing, look no further to nurture baby’s sensitive skin day after day.

A’kin pureMan

Because men folk also deserve natural products formulated especially for them! A’kin’s pureMan range is all about repairing, soothing and nourishing skin that can feel irritated from that daily morning shave.

Our favourites: A’kin and Al’chemy staff picks

A’kin Aromatherapy Sandalwood Body Wash: its warming scent is perfect for cold winter mornings.

A’kin Express Purifying Facial Masque: because who doesn’t want clear skin in 3, 2, 1!

A’kin Unscented 24 Hour Pure Moisture: the ideal moisturiser for any skin type that is getting the glow knocked out of it by winter.

Al’chemy Jojoba Light Conditioner: a moisturising crowd-pleaser for all hair types.

Have you tried A’kin and / or Al’chemy products? Which is your favourite(s)?