Beauty tips: a quick catch-up with Jessica from the Belle Lumière

Beach backyardToday we’re bringing you an exciting holiday edition catch-up with Jessica, the fair beauty behind The Belle Lumière. Jessica took a tropical time-out in Bali earlier this year, so we asked her to share some wisdom on her holiday routine and how to best cope with heat and humidity. Once you’ve read her answers below, head over to The Belle Lumière to look at some of her holiday snaps!

What are your absolute skincare essentials to take with you on holidays?

My skin likes to play up when I travel, so I try to stick to products that I know my skin will react well to. One thing I always pack is facial cleansing wipes, as I’m often really wiped out from doing things all day and just want to rid my face of makeup without having to work too hard! My current favourite wipes are the Nivea Daily Essentials Fragrance Free Facial Cleansing Wipes.

What rituals did you keep up without fail in Bali?

I cleansed my face every single night before bed. I do this at home too, but made a conscious effort to do it while in Bali because I had packed on so much sunscreen throughout the day and I didn’t like the thought of that sitting on my skin all night!

Did you try anything new while you were there (treatment or product)?

It’s not very exciting, but I used a different body lotion while I was there. The Bath + Body Works Aruba Coconut Lotion, which will now give me wonderful memories every time I smell it. I try and use a different fragrance or lotion every time I go on a trip so that I can associate that particular smell with the memories of the holiday.

How did your skin/hair behave?

Surprisingly well! I thought that my skin would react horribly to the humidity but somehow it managed to survive without breaking out. I also embraced the frizzy hair and worked with it rather than trying to work against it. I feel like I care a lot less about how I look when I’m on holiday and I definitely take the less-is-more approach while overseas, so this could have helped.

What will you do differently next time you’re off to a tropical location?

This is quite a fitting question, as I have another ‘tropical’ holiday planned for the end of this year. Honestly I don’t think I would do too much differently, except that I would probably pack some dry shampoo (which for some reason I didn’t think to do last time around!) just in case of a hair emergency. I’ll be travelling for a friend’s wedding so I might have to ramp things up a bit, and the less is more approach might have to be tossed out of the window.

Thanks so much Jessica!

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Jessica from the Belle LumiereJessica is the fair-skinned beauty behind the Belle Lumière. She cannot live without Kosmea Organic Rose Hip Oil and her deep-seated love and interest in skin care started with sound moisturising advice from her great-grandmother. A favourite of ours, the Belle Lumière is full of informative, witty and honest product reviews and other thoroughly enjoyable snippets from Jessica’s life. You can also follow Jessica on Twitter.

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