How to make your own natural deodorant

Natural DeodorantUntil we evolve to naturally smell of roses, citrus fruit, or fresh air after a storm, most of us need a daily deodorant fix. Finding one that is both effective and not laden with dubious chemical additives can be a treacherous exercise. As we always prefer caution when it comes to applying any product on our skin (especially frequently), we’ve stocked our Echolife virtual shelves with only natural deodorants – aluminum-free with no added synthetic preservatives.

But that’s not the only option if you want to smell fresh – if you like pottering around your kitchen (whilst not actually cooking), you can make your own all natural deodorant too! We’ve even put together a few links to easy-peasy recipes below to get you started.

The beauty about homemade deodorant (or homemade anything really – face masque, moisturising blend,…) is that you know exactly what you put in, and you can customise it to suit you just right. The recipes below both call for one main ingredient: coconut oil – on top of being full of good fats coconut oil also happens to be anti-bacterial. If you don’t have any coconut oil around the house, reconsider the error of your ways because coconut oil is a multi-purpose all around amazing product: it is a wonderful body moisturiser (that will leave a lingering holiday/paradise scent on your skin), it’s great for your hair as a treatment or to tame frizz, and it also kills the stuff that makes you smell. And you should be cooking with it (did we mention the good fats?).

Take a look here for a simple, no frills natural deodorant recipe – the genius about this one is that you probably have all the ingredients already in your pantry (coconut oil, baking soda and cornstarch).

And if you’re feeling a bit more fancy, have a look at Crunchy Betty’s ‘Not a secret homemade deodorant’ – this recipe calls for a few more ingredients (clay – bentonite or other, beeswax, shea butter, and your favourite essential oils), but none that are too hard to find. You have to cure the end result in the freezer so make sure to label it properly – you wouldn’t want anyone mistaking it for a popsicle!

PS: Julie tried a few natural deodorants and shared her thoughts over at Me My Best and I – read what she had to say here and here! Even if you’re not shopping for natural deodorant, read anyway because she’s just a whole lot of fun.

Have you tried natural deodorant? Would you? Do you have a favourite? Share below!

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5 thoughts on “How to make your own natural deodorant

  1. I was pretty amazed when I stopped using antiperspirant. I stopped sweating so much! I honestly think my body was working really hard to flush out the toxins and aluminum, making me sweat more. After a brief adjustment period, I almost completely stopped sweating. Now I occasionally use coconut oil when I feel the need.

    1. I switched to a natural deodorant a few years back and your comment made me realise I don’t sweat as much as before!

  2. I’m always a bit freaked out by how when I use anti-perspirant on my armpits, all the other bits around my armpits start sweating twice as much to make up for it. Does coconut oil cause underarm pimples though? I get a few sometimes and they’re sometimes huge and painful… 😦 Also a bit worried about oil marks on my clothes!

    1. Antiperspirant seems like such an unnatural thing to use on the skin! I haven’t tried pure coconut oil directly on my armpits, but I’ve used it on my body as a moisturiser without any problems. Do you get the pimples you mention when using coconut oil? Maybe a bicarb soda-based deodorant would be better suited – and you wouldn’t have to worry about oil marks 😉

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