Beauty tips: a quick catch-up with Jade from Jade Musing

Mature CoconutToday’s guest appearance on the blog has us really excited: we bombarded lovely Jade with questions about her current skin and fitness routine, and she generously answered all of them. If you’ve ever wondered how she manages to keep herself looking pretty, fresh and fit whilst juggling small children, all will be revealed below!

What is your current skin and hair care routine?

I’m trying to be a minimalist when it comes to my hair and skin care so currently I’m using:

But that being said I switch it up a bit depending on how my skin is behaving, if it’s extra dry and cranky I’ll use Echolife Rosehip Oil or if it’s gross and greasy I’ll use Witch Hazel to freshen up.

Hair wise, I tend to wash my hair once a week, I was using Terax Miele but I’m trying to switch all of my hair and skincare to more natural alternatives so I purchased some MooGoo shampoo and conditioner the other day. I also love using raw, organic coconut oil as an overnight treatment, it makes your hair so soft and the nourishing effects are accumulative.

Any product you’ve recently discovered that you’re loving?

Shellac nail polish, my golly gosh it just keeps on keeping on!

What is one product you can’t do without?

Arghh tricky question, currently lip balm because it’s getting kind of windy here in Sydney and my poor lips are feeling it.

What products do you love for your little ones?

Weleda makes great stuff for babes, currently the nappy change cream is a saviour.

Is there anything on your radar you’re looking forward to trying?

At the moment I’m trying to focus on my nutrition so I’m somewhat intrigued by the superfoods, Super Sprout range.

How do you find time to keep in shape, and what’s your favourite fitness activity at the moment?

Ohh golly gosh it’s hard, currently I try to go for a 5-10km walk on week day mornings after I drop my eldest at school, keep the momentum of the day going and I like to run in the mornings on weekends. I try to get to the gym a few nights a week but really at the end of the day I just want to unwind and be with my family. I have to say running is my favourite thing to do, it makes me feel free, helps me de-stress and gives me time to let my mind wander.

Thanks so much Jade!

Jade from Jade MusingJade is the gorgeous mermaid-hair blogger behind Jade Musing, and we highly recommend you visit and bookmark if you haven’t already. Her blog is fun and feisty and we especially love her vlogs, where we get to catch up with what she’s been buying, trying and loving, and how she’s keeping fit. She’s a fearless green smoothie drinker, runner and mum to four beautiful children (four!). And we are very jealous of her hair… You can also follow Jade on Twitter here.

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  1. Go Jade!! I also don’t now how she does it all with four little uns. Now I need lemon powder!! How cool are they , be great for adding to water at your desk in work to make it less boring!!

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