Wellbeing Wednesday

Fresh fruit vegetables and nutsOur Wellbeing Wednesday picks for this week are almost all about food.

We’ve got the perfect Autumn hot drink recipe, 12 very good reasons to eat quinoa, handy rules on adding supplements to your diet, a S.A.D. story about wrinkles, and the perfect skin pick-me-up in the form of a fruity face masque.

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Almond latte recipe

There’s definitely a chill in the air! We’re moving into perfect weather for hot drinks (enjoyed under a warm blanket, how else?) and this Vegan Vanilla Latte is a great alternative to hot chocolate. It contains stevia and cinnamon which is a comforting, warming spice – and newfound favourite alternative to sugar (discovered during Natalie Carter’s NoSugarVember last year!). We’re giving this tasty-looking drink a go tonight.

Yet more reasons to love quinoa

It was love at first bite when we tried quinoa quite a few years back. For a humble little seed*, it has an impressive and broad nutritional profile – it’s also incredibly versatile and we’ve eaten it sweet and savoury (it stands up proudly to both versions). If you don’t eat quinoa yet, this article might change your mind: quinoa is gluten-free, contains antioxidants and complete protein as well as a wide spectrum of vitamins and minerals!

*Surprising, but true! Quinoa is not a grain – and bonus trivia, it is related to spinach and tumbleweeds.

Supplement your diet

If you’ve ever wondered if there are any specific do’s and don’ts when it comes to taking health supplements, this article is for you. It details 7 rules to maximise the efficiency and absorption of your supplement regimen, with the first and most important one being to optimise your diet first with plenty of fresh fruit and veg.

S.A.D. and wrinkly

This article offers different perspectives of understanding what ages our skin. We all know wrinkles are a natural part of ageing (unless you’re a shar-pei), but certain factors appear to greatly accelerate their onset (and we’re not just talking about sun exposure or smoking). Spoiler: the answer to plump, dewy skin also lies in what we eat!

Fruity masque

Speaking of dewy skin, we couldn’t resist including this ‘fruit on your face’ (yet again!) apple and honey masque recipe. You could make more and eat the left-overs while the masque is working its magic!

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    1. Say it isn’t so, right! I do feel much better and more energetic on a gluten-free diet – and less wrinkles = extra bonus!

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