Wellbeing Wednesday

Fruit face maskIt’s Wednesday! Which can only mean one thing: another instalment of freshly-served and note-worthy links that have grabbed our attention. This week’s Wellbeing links talk about decaf, the wonderful idea that is putting fruit on your face, the importance of maintaining a healthy gut, and the misguided focus we place on our weight and/or body shape. Read on!

Look on the decaf side of life

If you’ve read yesterday’s post you’ll know already that coffee isn’t fantastic to keep an even, level mood – well, caffeine to be precise. Good news though! For those of you who have always thought poorly of decaf, it looks like it actually impacts the brain positively – meaning that with caffeine out of the equation, coffee’s other beneficial compounds can do their work and not send you straight to twitchy town. Have a look at this article from Wellbeing to find out more of the science behind this.

Fruit for your face

You’re probably already familiar with the idea of mashing up avocado or banana and popping it on your face as a beautifying treatment. If you’re not and you’re wondering what’s in it for you, then have a look at this article from the legendary Crunchy Betty. You’ll find out why putting fruit on your face is a brilliant idea, along with being given an amazing list that will point you in the direction of the fruit most suited for your skin type (although in fairness, most fruits are great for all skin types out there). You’ll never look at fruit the same way again!

Healthy inside and out

The link between our gut’s health and that of our skin explained very clearly. In other words, if you want your skin to glow, eat wholesome fresh food and drink plenty of water! (But you already knew that).

Rethinking shapes

This article explains how the thinness most women strive for means very little when it’s thought of simply as a body shape or a clothes size. It also addresses the misconception that skinny necessarily means healthy. Learning about body composition is an important step in having a healthy body and healthy body image or goal as well (article via Well + Good).

Let’s hear from you! Are you an enthusiastic decaf drinker? Do you put fruit on your face already? Are you familiar with the body composition message already?

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