Wellbeing Wednesday

Citrus FruitsWe’re back with a fresh edition of Wednesday links!

Today we’re pitting almond butter Vs. peanut, talking about skin care products’ expiration dates, reminding ourselves why our diet should include plenty of lemons, and getting smart about our beauty routine.




It’s a nut butter thing

One of our go-to mid-afternoon snacks is carrot sticks with a little peanut butter on the side. Almond butter is a nice change to the peanut, with a grainier texture and mellow, sweet taste. In case you are wondering if one is better and healthier than the other (we did), this article from Well + Good has crunched some numbers and reveals all.

Put that cream down!

Do you pay much attention to your products’ expiry date? This article explains why you should. At best, a product past its use-by date is going to be ineffective, at worst you could be in for some blemishes or irritation. Make sure you audit your bathroom cabinet and if in doubt, throw out!

Zingy fresh

If you reach for supermarket lemon concentrate when you want to add some zing to your food, please stop! Most of them are made from reconstituted lemon juice, which has been processed and heated so any beneficial nutrients are long gone. Fresh lemons are full of goodness and by adding plenty to your diet (including zest and pith), you can look forward to better digestion, immunity, energy and much more.

Green and smart

Find out in 10 simple steps how you can make your skin care routine smarter and greener. By reducing the number of products and chemical ingredients you use on a daily basis, you’ll be doing your health and your skin a favour!

Got any favourite mid-afternoon snacks you’d like to tell us about? Are you strict with the expiry of the products you use? Do you eat plenty of lemons already? Is your beauty routine smart? We’d love to know!

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