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Woman stretching in a field of green grassFolks, let’s make last Wednesday’s link-rich post a recurring feature.

For your reading pleasure, here are this week’s picks: hidden ingredients, a sucky list, stretching, and how to pamper your hungover skin.

Food additives and the story of palm oil

If you’ve wondered why palm oil gets such a bad name, this article from Slow Food goes some length to explain – taking palm oil as an example of the many hidden additives in pre-prepared (processed) foods, it’s a good reminder of why we ideally need to cook for ourselves. This seemed timely since we’re taking the 7 Days Whole Foods Challenge this week!

A list to gripe about

We love a long list of things that suck (who doesn’t!). Here’s one kindly put together by Eco Stiletto, where you’ll find out what ‘Emaul’ and a ‘Sustainabully’ are.

Stretching videos!

We don’t do them often enough but stretching is vital for everyone, especially those who are desk-bound for the better part of the day. Bookmark this site where you can watch stretching videos for all parts of the body!

How to cure a skin hangover

Love was in the air yesterday and for those of you who celebrated with one too many drinks, here are some tips to get your skin’s glow back on.

Don’t forget to check in with one of our fave bloggers Jade who is doing a weekly Wellbeing Wednesday feature as well. And if you have a blog and want to dedicate one day a week to your health and wellness, let’s link up!

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