A whole foods challenge and homemade tea

Herbal Tea BlendNo sooner than our 21 Day Green Smoothie Challenge comes to an end, here we go again: we’re taking another food challenge! This time it hails straight out of the beautiful mind of Wellness WA creator and editor Annette – and it’s so healthful we really should be eating like this all year round!

Annette’s challenge is easy to take: this current week is all about Whole Foods – this means no pre-prepared meals, no junk, plentiful fresh food. If possible, no coffee – go herbal tea instead! Are you in?

You are? Splendid! Go here to read about the challenge, and peruse the wonderful links Annette has put together to make it easy on everyone (there’s recipe inspiration aplenty). Don’t forget to comment and let Annette know you are playing along.

And how about brewing some homemade tea during the challenge? There’s nothing like making your own concoctions to add some welcome variety to the usual blends, no?

To get started, pop down to your local health food shop and get your hands on packets of dried herbs or flowers (Hilde Hemmes or Blooms are good brands that offer a lot of choice). Come home with your loot, put the kettle on and get mixing!

You can try the following combinations:

  • Peppermint and liquorice: this cuts the headiness of the mint with a bit of sweetness – is great anytime of day, and especially good for digestion.
  • Chamomile and linden: a great sleepytime tea – the linden flowers balance the bitterness of the chamomile really nicely.
  • Linden and rose: sweet and delicious
  • Star anise and a vanilla bean
  • Lemon verbena and lavender
  • Thyme and lavender: if you can get past the pungency of the thyme, you’ll love this one!
  • Ginger and lemon verbena
  • Cinnamon bark and orange peel: Christmas in a tea cup
  • Nettle and liquorice: this one is a diuretic so take care not to drink before a long car ride!

There’s more herbal blend ideas in this Wellbeing article – and if you have any favourites we might like, let us know!

Are you taking the 7 Days Whole Foods challenge? What will you be eating this week?

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    1. You’re eating super cleanly (stalking your food diary on Twitter)! The homemade tea blending is a lot of fun – I get bored quickly of pre-made blends (fickle that way). Just trust me on the nettle though, if you’ve never had it before 😉

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