Wellbeing Wednesday

Herbal Tea with Chamomile FlowersFor a change, how about some food for thought and a few interesting links that caught our eye?

We’re talking snacking, hot beverages, cooking, and glowing skin. Ready? Here we go!

Nutty business

We’re great nut eaters – they make a wonderful snack and are packed full of good oils, vitamins, minerals and protein. But not all nuts are created equal – you should read through this Wellbeing article to find out which ones to favour to get the most nutritional bang out of your nuts. And bonus trivia: technically, some ‘nuts’ aren’t even nuts in the botanical sense (like almonds! Who knew!).

Your cup of tea

Picture this: you’re making yourself a cuppa and rejoicing at the thought of all the health benefits you’re about to enjoy. Fair enough: tea is a popular drink, and not just because it’s incredibly tasty, versatile and comforting – tea’s healthful properties are also well know: from promoting cardiovascular health to reducing the risk of certain cancers and more… But you could be doing it wrong, and not really getting much benefit out of your tea habit. This Well + Good article explains.

Kale: a green veg that keeps its shape!

When it comes to anti-cancer properties, kale is a super-hero vegetable. It belongs to the same family as broccoli and collard greens and will also deliver vitamins and minerals. Kale is a great veg to throw into green smoothies – but you can also turn it into crunchy tasty chips, or add it to stir-fries or risotto. This New York Times article gives you 5 easy recipes to sink your teeth into it.

3 good habits

We love this article from Primped – looking after your skin’s glow inside and out is something we really believe in. Vibrant health means beautiful skin. Enough said!

What about you? Are you an antioxidant-conscious tea-drinker with glowing skin? If you have any healthy tips to share, please do!

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