Skin tantrums

Woman ScreamingWe’ve all been there – our skin can be an unpredictable beast, and just when everything seemed to be going well, bam! It hits us with: the mother of all pimple(s) / a breakout of epic proportion / redness and its cousin splotchy / uneven texture and feel / an oil production in overdrive / dry skin that feels tighter than a tambourine,…

While you’re scratching your head thinking a) What have I done to deserve this? and b) How did this happen?, it’s always helpful to remember that your skin isn’t an island: if you’ve been eating less than well, not getting enough sleep, feeling stressed out, it’s going to show inside and out – and out means on your face and body.

The more products you use as part of your skin care routine, the harder it will be to pinpoint the culprit when things go bad – and it may in fact not be a single product that your skin disagrees with, but a combination of ingredients from different products. Bah! What to do?

If you’re having a skin emergency, this list from Well + Good will be helpful. Retrace your steps. Think: what have you changed (skin care, diet, etc…), what’s going on in your life?

And to start fixing it you ask? Here’s what we would do: first, look honestly at your routine and see if you can simplify it – your skin needs a cleanser, toner, moisturiser and ideally sunblock. Are you doing more than this? Do you really need to be doing more? The more products you use, the higher the chances you are over processing your skin (and you don’t want to do that – it can lead to irritation, dullness, and ultimately premature cell ageing as your skin struggles to balance itself).

After your long honest look at your routine, you could try to take one product out and replace it with an all natural product – keep using the newbie for at least 1 week, ideally 2 so your skin can give you some feedback. Once you have a pretty good idea of how your skin is reacting try to substitute another product – what we’re doing here is trying to remove offending harsh ingredients out of your routine and give your skin a chance to calm down. It doesn’t hurt while you’re in recovery to pilfer your kitchen for some avocado and give yourself a fruity masque, or raw honey if you have it.

By the time you’ve cycled through every product in your routine and tried a more natural alternative, you will see some changes – natural skin care is more effective and nutritious for your skin because it contains no fillers, no colours etc… You will also have tackled the problem one step at a time – instead of trying to impulsively solve the problem by changing everything. Skin can be a riddle but by keeping your routine simple and the number of ingredients you use as low as you can, you’re increasing the odds towards enjoying healthy and glowing skin, daily.

Remember to feed your skin from the inside as well by eating plenty of fresh fruit & veg (green smoothies!), and drinking water or herbal tea regularly – but you knew that already clever you!

If your skin is zen, predictable and well-behaved then you’re obviously not a human you didn’t need to read all this. And we’re very jealous of you right now.

Do you have any tricks to keep your skin gorgeous day in day out? Or do you tend to make it up as you go along?

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2 thoughts on “Skin tantrums

  1. Golly gosh I recall when my skin was playing up, it had such an impact on my self esteem. Thanks for being there through all that, I’d lost hope but thanks to helpful friends/natural skincare and a trip to the drs, it’s been fab since 😀

    1. My skin still gives me the odd red irritated patch for no good reason (so ungrateful!), and it always makes me feel terrible – every single time. I will always be there to help during skin tantrums and emergencies 🙂 Yours has been glowy and beautiful for months and months, yay!! xx

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