Health and wellness tips: a quick catch-up with Annette from Wellness WA

Freshly Squeezed Orange JuiceThe multi-tasking, ever energetic Wellness WA editor Annette is the busiest writer on the block. She also happens to be a great source of inspiration for anything health and wellness related. Bath enthusiast, yogini, green smoothie drinker, Annette knows what’s good – and she managed to find time to answer a few questions for us – what a treat! Read on to find out how she keeps healthy in the hot months…

What are your favourite things to do to keep well during the hot months?

I feel like most people would say ‘GO TO THE BEACH!’ during this question, but since I grew up about 4.5 hours inland, I rarely had the luxury of doing so!

I make sure I drink a lot of water, and I tend to ramp up my fresh juices and smoothies in this time too. One of my favourite things to do is spray a facial mist all over my face and body and stand in front of a fan. Blisssss. I like the Echolife Lavender mist, the Sodashi Balancing face mist and the Be Genki Serenity Mist.

A healthy and balanced summer recipe you’re loving?

I’m a real creature of habit, so green smoothies of course. I’ve been cooking up some quinoa with pumpkin seeds and having that with blueberries and strawberries. The great thing is you can have it for breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert. It’s really yummy and versatile, I’ve had it at all times of the day!

Have you changed around your skincare routine to cope with the heat?

Hmmm not a lot! I’ve just made sure to use sunscreen, drink heaps of water and eat more antioxidant rich foods (which help prevent skin damage from the sun – true story!)

What products are you loving for your skin in summer?

The mists as mentioned, Serenade Organic Restore eye cream – I’ve just started doing some work for this company and the eye cream is amazing. It’s 100% certified organic and I’m loving it.

My daily morning skincare routine at the moment consists of:

  • Floradix liquid iron supplement
  • Vitamin c and zinc powder
  • Oil cleansing (either Dermalogica or Bloom)
  • Clay based cleanser (Ren, from Mecca Cosmetica)
  • Clarisonic – best skin cleansing device… EVER
  • Rosehip oil pressed onto skin afterwards

And it’s working quite well for me 🙂

Thanks so much Annette! Have you tried any of the products Annette mentioned? What works for you in the hot months?

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Annette is the gorgeous energetic creator/editor of Wellness WA. She practices extreme yoga, is a regular green-smoothie drinker and her enthusiasm for well-being and healthy living is contagious. Wellness WA is a regular read of ours for product reviews and healthful tips – and the reviews of spa treatments have made us want to head west to Perth more than once! You can also connect with Wellness WA on Facebook and follow on Twitter.