Annette’s picks: five bath products

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Wellness WA editor and bath enthusiast Annette knows what’s good – and lucky for us, she tirelessly tests new products out in pursuit of the ultimate relaxing and all around wonderful bath.

We thought we’d ask Annette where to start if you’re looking for some products to add to your next soak – read on!

‘There’s not much I love more than a good bath, and I make it a priority to get at least two long soaks in each week to keep me relaxed and happy.

When I was younger I loved baths too, but would use products filled with heaps of chemicals to get mounds and mounds of bubbles (think Mr. Matey and even shampoo sometimes!).

These days I’m happy to forego the bubbles in order to have a more therapeutic and healing experience, so today I’d like to share with you some of my favourite bath treats, and maybe inspire you to put in the plug, turn on the tap and bliss out for half an hour… or more.

1. Echolife Magnesium Bath Crystals

If you’ve never had a magnesium crystal bath, you’re in for a treat. Pour a cup into your bath while it’s filling, sink in and feel the waves of relaxation wash over you as your body soaks in the magnesium. Before I came across the Echolife crystals (100% natural), I used to use the trusty old blue box of Epsom Salts that you can pick up at almost any supermarket or chemist. While this was good and I still got the relaxing benefits, Epsom Salts are a by-product of chemical industry and as such aren’t naturally occurring. In the interest of being as natural and safe as possible I much prefer the Echolife crystals – plus they’re prettier!

Weleda Aromatherapy Relaxing Lavender Bath Milk Bottle and Box2. Weleda Relaxing Lavender Bath Milk*

This soothing blue bottle is filled with almost medicinal-strength lavender liquid. Upon opening the lid and taking a sniff, you may be surprised by how strong it smells, never fear though! You only need a couple of capfuls and it lasts for AGES. If I’m having trouble sleeping I make sure to schedule one of these in, you will feel like you’re dissolving into a field of lavender, and emerge from the bath a lot less stressed. Love it!

3. Be Genki Tranquility Bath & Shower Oil

This one has a similar effect to the lavender bath milk, but with a bunch of other delicious scents mixed in to provide an array of benefits from the different essential oils. Lavender, roman chamomile, sweet orange and sandalwood will all get to work on your senses and leave you feeling relaxed, refreshed and ready to join the human race again.

4. Lush: The Comforter Bubble Bar

While not as 100% natural as some of the other products mentioned, this one IS vegan, and smells damn good.

Described as “being hugged by a jolly blackcurrant”, this bubble bar lives up to it’s name, producing heapppppppps of fluffy pink clouds in your tub if you crumble it under the right pressure water. It smells so fruity and sweet and yummy, though I do tend to find it a little drying on my skin, so make sure you moisturise afterwards! A real treat when you need a bit of extra sweetness in your life.

5. Echolife Mojave Green Clay Powder

I’ve had three baths so far with this clay powder, and have really enjoyed them all. It’s too early to say whether I’ve noticed and signs of ‘detoxing’, but I quite like relaxing in the slightly murky water and thinking about what possible good things it’s doing for me. I found it easiest to sprinkle the powder into the empty bath, then turn on the water and stir it up with your hands or feet once there’s a bit of water in there.

Hopefully you enjoyed my top 5 bath products right now, I’m sure they will chop and change as I discover new products, but for now… go forth and try these out for yourself, I’m off back to the bath!’

Annette xo

*Annette has reviewed the Weleda Relaxing Lavender Bath Milk here.

Annette is the gorgeous energetic creator/editor of Wellness WA. She practices extreme yoga, is a regular green-smoothie drinker and her enthusiasm for well-being and healthy living is contagious. Wellness WA is a regular read of ours for product reviews and healthful tips – and the reviews of spa treatments have made us want to head west to Perth more than once! You can also connect with Wellness WA on Facebook and follow on Twitter.

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