Green smoothie recipes ahoy!

Kale leavesWarning: this post will be recipe-heavy!

We’re in Day 7 of the 21 Day Green Smoothie Challenge, and by gosh everyone is doing so amazingly well… Some of you are even going for 2 smoothies a day – in another 14 days we forecast sparkly eyes, glowing skin and bouncy energy aplenty.

Because you are all fantastic you’ve been sharing pictures and recipes for your green concoctions – especially helpful since to get maximum benefit out of the green drinks, we should be rotating our ingredients and greens daily. So behold a compendium of everyone’s recipes thus far, and a few other bonus links for inspiration!

From Me my Best and I (who has some serious food styling skills):

Me My Best and I The Incredible Pulp Green Smoothie

  • Pineapple, carrot, celery, beetroot, ginger
  • Cucumber, kale, apple, mint, lemon, ginger
  • Orange, carrot, kale, ginger, fennel leaves
  • Beetroot, parsley, kale, carrot, apple
  • Kale, almond milk, banana, raw cacao
  • Spinach, cucumber, apple, mint, lemon
  • Raw cacao, frozen banana, spinach, almond milk
  • Berries, banana, spinach, soy milk, honey

From Jade Musing (who gets the bravery award for throwing some cabbage in!):

Jade Musing Green Smoothie Challenge

  • Cocoa, chia seeds, baby spinach, strawberries, vanilla protein powder, ice, water
  • Baby spinach, mixed berries, vanilla protein powder, yogurt, milk, water, ice, almond butter, ginger
  • Apple, carrot, ginger, celery, cinnamon, water, ice
  • Red cabbage, lettuce, carrot, strawberries, ice, water
  • Coriander, mint, watermelon, greens

From Miss Lexi (who deserves a medal for suggesting kiwi fruit and drinks her smoothies from the most photogenic places!):

Miss Lexi Green Smoothie Challenge

  • Baby spinach, orange, lime, ginger, cucumber
  • English spinach, kiwi, cucumber, mint
  • Spinach, cucumber, mint, kiwi, celery
  • English spinach, LSA, celery, broccoli, carrot, ginger
  • Baby spinach, kiwi, carrot, ginger, celery, broccoli, apple, mango, banana

From Dee (who makes the smoothest looking smoothies and has a nice Hershey glass):

Dee Green Smoothie Challenge

  • Soy milk, yoghurt, banana, butter lettuce, parsley, flaxmeal, wheatgrass powder, spirulina, ice
  • Soy milk, flaxmeal, banana, lettuce, wheatgrass powder, spirulina
  • Soy milk, yoghurt, banana, chia seeds, flaxmeal, parsley, English spinach
  • Apple, lettuce, cucumber, water and ice
  • Soy milk, yoghurt, flaxmeal, banana, ice, spinach and parsley
  • organic soy milk, plain yoghurt, chia seeds, flax meal, banana, frozen blueberries, baby spinach, vanilla extract

From Mira’s Hand (who knows what’s good and must have amazing hair, skin and nails!):

  • Kale, cucumber, spinach, ginger
  • Kale, cucumber, spinach, coconut oil, chia seeds

From yours truly (put to shame by Dee for how bravely she embraced the green smoothie):

Echolife 21 Day Green Smoothie Challenge Day 5

  • Banana, melon, kiwi fruit, maca powder, cucumber, barley grass, coconut oil and teeny bit of peanut butter, water
  • Banana, spinach, kale, celery, brazil nuts, water
  • Frozen banana, silver beet, cucumber, spinach, date, peanut butter, coconut oil, maca powder, barley grass, water
  • Banana, lettuce, mint, barley grass, strawberry, teeny bit peanut butter, chia seeds, water
  • Lettuce, spinach, 1 small cucumber, almonds, 1 date, coconut oil, teeny bit of peanut butter, chia seeds, water
  • Silver beet, 1 small cucumber, chia seeds, brazil nuts, coconut oil, barley grass, dash strawberry powder, water

Annette also contributed this recipe a while ago (when we attempted 5 green smoothies in 1 week – so scary back then!!):

Organic green apple, handful of baby spinach, filtered water, flaxseed oil, pepitas, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, the frozen fruit of your choice (blueberries, mango, raspberries, strawberries)

And bonus links from She Knows, and (where else!) Wellness WA (one, and two).

Come and join the fun, we’re also talking about our green smoothies over on Twitter (search for the #greensmoothie tag)! And remember, there’s prizes to be won if you drink 10 smoothies or more over the course of the 21 days!

(Image credits from She Knows and the lovely Me, my Best and I, Jade Musing, Miss Lexi and Dee)

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  1. Ooh is Maca powder good? I’ve heard about it but haven’t been brave enough to try yet 🙂

  2. Maca powder is excellent!! It tastes kind of earthy and nutty at the same time – and so good for you 🙂

    1. Isn’t it so much fun!! I bet we’re all consuming more green than your three pet sheep put together 😉

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