Beat the heat with a face mist!

Echolife Tea-tree Facial MistThe number one thing we couldn’t be without in summer has to be a bottle of cool face mist. Now that Melbourne is no longer dithering about what season it is and the heat is back in full force, we’re misting our faces throughout the day to keep our skin hydrated and happy. At home for an extra treat said face mist is even kept in the fridge…

No matter your skin type, you should be misting your face – it’s refreshing for one, and very good for your skin. Think of what it has to endure in the hot months… a confusing yo-yo of alternating air conditioning and sweltering heat! A natural face mist contains one or more plant extracts blended to look after your skin by giving it nutrients and keeping it balanced. So beat the summer heat and pick from our favourite mists below!

Echolife Lavender Calming Facial Mist: all the goodness of lavender in a bottle! Lavender has anti-inflammatory properties and is ideal for skin that doesn’t handle the heat well and turns a beetroot colour quite easily.

Bottle of Botani Soothing Facial Mist with Rose Water, Chamomile and Aloe VeraBotáni Soothing Face Mist: one smart product formulated for all skin types, but very nurturing to the most sensitive and irritated skin. It contains rose, chamomile and aloe vera, giving your skin plenty of replenishing nutrients. Jessica guest-reviewed it for us, you can read her thoughts here (spoiler, she liked it).

Weleda Refining Toner: containing lemon juice, witch hazel and rose hip extract, this is your go-to if you want to tamper your skin’s overzealous oil production and refine your pores. Dilute half half with distilled or filtered water in a spray bottle*, and mist your face liberally throughout the day.

Echolife Tea-tree Purifying Facial Mist (pictured up top): an absolute summer favourite of ours, we spray it generously after a run to refresh our skin – bonus, it banishes bacteria with its antiseptic properties.

Do you have a favourite natural face mist for summer?

* Recipe from the Weleda blog!

4 thoughts on “Beat the heat with a face mist!

  1. I owe my life to air-conditioning during these days of warmness but it dries my poor skin out horribly! Facial mists are a fabulous idea – I’ve tried the Botani one you listed and it’s quite lovely – normally I go for rose water toners but I’m considering my next purchase to be your lovely tea-tree one! x

    1. Same here – I couldn’t function without air con! I’m in love with the Tea-tree mist – it’s got a really fresh herby scent, perfect for summer. I use it every night and really liberally after a run, so cooling 🙂

    1. It’s really good! I got turned off using tea-tree on my face because it was so strong it made my skin peel – but the mist is perfect! Friends again with the tea-tree 🙂

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