What is aloe vera?

Echolife Pure Aloe Vera Gel Certified Organic 250mLA soothing, wonderful, multi-purpose, nurturing and regenerating treatment for all skin types. If we were on Jeopardy, we would have nailed it!

And we’re delighted to introduce our very own Echolife Organic Aloe Vera Gel – soothing, wonderful, and all the other things we said above.

What makes our Echolife Aloe Vera Gel special?

It’s organic – that’s a really good start. It’s also completely natural and does not contain any added colours, fragrances, or synthetic preservatives like most other aloe vera gels do.

Ours is formulated with organic (what else?) Bulgarian rose hydrosol – which makes the resulting gel even more nurturing, regenerating, and all around magnificent for your skin. And bonus, the organic rose makes it smell delicious…

Aloe vera gel benefits for your skin – a quick rundown:

Aloe vera gel comes from an unassuming succulent and is full – absolutely full – of nutrients of all kinds that are very, very good for your skin. In particular, it contains polysaccharides which help pack (rearrange if you will) cells tighter and retain their moisture. This is good news for your skin, as it stays hydrated and maintains a healthy protective barrier.

Add to this essential amino acids, minerals, enzymes, and vitamins from four different groups and you have an excellent moisturising, softening, soothing skin treatment that even boosts cellular renewal (that’s why aloe vera is so helpful to help with minor and first degree burns*). And if we’re not mistaken, boosting cellular renewal also means younger, firmer-looking skin. Huzzah!

A few uses for aloe vera:

Convinced you need aloe vera in your life (and on your skin), but not too sure how to use it? Don’t wait until you get sun-burnt – aloe vera should be part of your everyday skin care routine! Here are a few ideas:

  • For a natural cleanser, mix aloe vera with some ground almonds – this is gentle enough to use daily (but will leave a few gritty bits in your hair, so rinse your face thoroughly in front of a mirror!).
  • For a natural face scrub, mix aloe vera with some brown sugar, quick oats and your choice of lavender (calming) / geranium (balancing) / orange (cleansing) essential oil.
  • Use aloe vera as a make-up primer – we have Jade to thank for this tip, and goodness does it work well.
  • Use aloe vera as a face moisturiser if you have oily / combination skin or in summer and hot weather.
  • Use aloe vera under your normal moisturiser for a bit more moisture and nurturing in the cooler seasons.

Want more? Head over to the Echolife website to see our other recommended uses for aloe vera!

Do you love and use aloe vera daily? Tell us how!


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