Flower and water = great toner for skin

Echolife Rose Facial Mist Rejuvenating 250mLWe are big believers in the above formula and our brand new Echolife line of face mists proves it. Face mists are one clever skin product – you could even say they are multi-tasking super heroes (with special powers). They don’t just refresh skin, they can rejuvenate and tone it, zap breakout-causing bacteria into oblivion, help ease inflammation… with just three or four sprays of a bottle. And all this magic happens when you combine the simplest of ingredients: plants and pure water.

So… ta-da! The Echolife Pure Botanical Infusions aka Facial Mists that will make your skin say ‘What took you so long?’

What’s different about an Echolife face mist?

We wanted our facial mists to harness all the power of the plants they were infused with – so we gave each of them one star ingredient and nothing else. The properties and benefits of the individual plants really shine through and give your skin a concentrated dose of natural nutrition.

Each face mist starts off as purified water and through a multi-step saturation and filtration process intermingles with pure essential oil – the result is a natural toner enriched with the aromatherapeutic properties of each plant at a molecular level.

Our initial range is made up of four classics:

The cornerstone of any natural skin care arsenal, Rose (Rejuvenating) is perfect for all skin types but especially nurturing to sensitive and mature skin.

The star of our current Facebook giveaway, Lavender (Calming) is wonderful for soothing inflammation and redness and will help both dry and oily skin normalise.

Anti-acne plant extraordinaire, Tea-tree (Purifying) neutralises bacteria with its antiseptic action and is perfect for congested, oily or problem skin.

The richest in tannins of them all, the astringent Witch Hazel (Clarifying) keeps skin’s moisture in check and regulates oil production.

Echolife Lavender Facial Mist Calming 250mLWe love our four face mists so much we’re already planning to bring you more… So you’ll be able to cater to your skin’s every need and always have the right mist on hand!

Echolife Facial Mists retail for $19.90 for 250mL, and contain only all natural pure ingredients, no added synthetic nasties or preservatives, are vegan and absolutely not tested on animals. Just like we like it.