Product Review: Weleda Relaxing Lavender Bath Milk

Weleda Aromatherapy Relaxing Lavender Bath Milk Bottle and BoxAs promised, today we’re bringing you a review of the aptly named Weleda Relaxing Lavender Bath Milk. Annette (of Wellness WA fame) tried it and loved it. She’s telling us all about it below…

‘Having always been interested in baths (when I was younger I used to run a bath and put multivitamins in it because I figured it would absorb through my skin and then I wouldn’t have to take it, not sure if it worked!) and having recently been interested in stress reduction, I find great pleasure when these two interests join together and have a bit of a party, as is the case with Weleda Lavender Relaxing Bath Milk.

Housed neatly in a dark glass bottle, a quick sniff of this stuff and you know that it means business. I mean that in the best possible way, this has what I would describe as a medicinal strength lavender scent, and I’m a big fan.
The bottle advises you to bathe with either two or three capfuls in the water and I tested out both. I didn’t find much difference scent and relaxation wise between two capfuls and three, so I recommend sticking with two and squeeze out more heavenly bathing experiences for your buck!

Lavender sprigsAs the bath fills with hot water and the lavender scent begins to permeate the bathroom, it’s impossible not to start the journey into relaxing bliss right then and there.

Sinking into the tub feels like you’re being submerged in a field of liquid lavender, and a 20 minute soak will dissolve any of the days stresses and ensure a deep, deep sleep.

I haven’t used any other bath products since stumbling upon the Weleda Bath Milk… I highly, highly recommend it!

Review by Annette from Wellness WA, fun fact: also likes eating bowls of porridge whilst partaking in above bath.’

Thanks so much Annette! On the cold and rainy Melbourne day we’re having, a lavender bath and bowl of hot porridge both sound amazing!

(Image credit Viable Herbal Solutions)

Wellness WA website LogoAnnette is the gorgeous energetic creator/editor of Wellness WA. She practices extreme yoga, is a regular green-smoothie drinker and her enthusiasm for well-being and healthy living is contagious. Wellness WA is a regular read of ours for product reviews and healthful tips – and the reviews of spa treatments have made us want to head west to Perth more than once! You can also connect with Wellness WA on Facebook and follow on Twitter.

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